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  • chickstixandtheknicks chickstixandtheknicks Nov 20, 2013 5:21 PM Flag

    Stock Down Every Day For 3

    weeks and nothing from mgmt other than same old same old. Something stinks here.

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    • I just want to point out something. Everyone is so caught up in this commotion, which is normal because everyone is in this to make money based on all the research they have done to buy into OMER in the first place. Some people are bashing this stock on the forum for whatever personal reasons, anger, attention whatever. There may be certain manipulation that's been going on, and is out of the average traders control, but lets look at the facts. This company has a promising pipeline. I work in the pharmacy business, and the people writing about mixing the two generic drugs that are used in their product, isn't impossible, but it's nonsense. First of all, when an ophthalmic surgeon is performing such a complex surgery as a lens replacement, the last thing he/she would want is to risk the chances of complications in the outcome of the surgery by using compounded medication at a local pharmacy. This type of medication has to be produced and packaged in a sterile and controlled environment, it's not as easy as "Mixing two generics together" like some are posting. Also, to go and present your data/product in front of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, would be completely foolish if it wasn't substantial or has a chance to make a significant improvement to the surgical procedure. I think that this stock is going to catch people by surprise one morning, just like OXBT did by going up to $11 and then dropping back to the high 4s in a few days. Not saying that it will drop back like that, but will have a significant move when it gets it's FDA approval or even shows positive results on it's other product candidates. I think tracking this stock on a daily basis for now is just a teaser. If your long, looking at the facts I have no worries, at least of this stock going back up to the $13-14 range. You need to stick to your original plan, if your long, your long.

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      • ...oh, and I forgot -- you do understand that oms302 has to be mixed as well, don't you?'s mixed with whatever irrigation fluid the doc requests...that means the pharmacist will prepare it in the same non-sterile, non-controlled environment that he/she mixes DO understand that -- don't you?...DON'T you?...

      • ..."using compounded medication at a local pharmacy"????..#$%$ are you talking about?... do understand that eye surgery is done in a hospital or surgical center, both of which have their own professional pharmacists that are fully licensed to mix up pretty much anything the doc orders...

        ...not to mention that there are already premixed eyedrops such as "paremyd" from Akorn...

        ...more to the point -- why mix at all? I pointed out elsewhere, two bottles of eyedrops that cost a total of about $20 -- and the ketorolac or alternative which the patient can take home since they have to use some post-op anti-inflammatory eyedrops anyway -- versus gOMER's goober juice which costs $275 and you flush leftovers down the drain...

        ...that seems like a "no-brainer" to me -- which, of course, means it's perfectly suited to you...HAW!!!

      • And $250 a pop is not considered expensive in a surgical setting of the EYE!!

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      • Best post in a while alpha. Nice job!

    • The stock will pop when you least expect it. Look at oxbt. It just dropped tot 4.98 then popped to over 7 before it pulled back at the end of the day. Its all manipulated the whole shabang. MM's make a lot of money for their firms

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