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  • joevz23 joevz23 Nov 20, 2013 9:03 PM Flag

    Feeling Hopeful.

    Wow I'm starting to feel more positive every time rrtzrealmd post. And to think I was just about to throw in the towel. No I'm hopeful it will turn around. By the way, the reason why Docs would use the new drops, its called progress!!! New operations with better outcomes.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • ...I'm glad my posts brighten your day!...

      ...I'm still waiting for you to find me even ONE statement from gOMER claiming that OMS302 is superior to currently available mydriatics...find me ONE statement from gOMER claiming that using OMS302 will in any way produce outcomes superior to what patients are currently getting...

      ...if you read the trials, you'll see that gOMER never compares OMS32 to ANY of the other treatments currently used to maintain dilation and prevent pain and inflammation...

      ...their studies have done NOTHING but demonstrate that phenylephrine and ketorolac maintain dilation and prevent inflammation -- something that has been known for over 20 YEARS since those eyedrops have been used that long for just those purposes!

      ...and you do understand that ophthalmologists have been performing eye surgeries with remarkable success for over 50 YEARS using the already available and MUCH cheaper eyedrops -- don't you?...and to the best of my knowledge, they haven't ever expressed ANY interest in an irrigation solution containing drugs for mydriasis and pain...

      ...all gOMER is doing is working a "gimmick" -- something they can use to separate naive investors from their money -- ditto for he gpcrs, and all the other junk they have in their "pipeline"...

      ...and, by the way, YES, OMS302 DOES have to be mixed by the pharmacist who prepares the irrigation solution; you can read it straight off of gOMER's website

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      • So what you're saying is basically in the past 50 years ophthalmologist have not used improved medicines??? That's ridiculous.

        Didn't you read the trial results? They were very specific about the benefits of using OMS302. Remember all that info about the pupil dilating less and the reduced pain after surgery.

        By the way, off topic, but how many eye surgeries were performed 50 years ago, compared to today?

        All I was trying to say was the more you and Solar Melt bash OMER, the more confident I feel. I even picked up more shares today. I was planning on waiting, but what the hell.

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