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  • froglegsaregreen froglegsaregreen Aug 7, 2012 4:53 PM Flag

    Can this POS finally hold $8 for

    Good post Silva. I agree with your post 100%.

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    • This stock has been forced down over the past several months with the market. Dd they over pay for HSBC, maybe.

      Do they do everything perfect, no.

      Do they have more upside potential than downside risk - YES

      The stock is finally trending back on track.

      Bashers are most likely Short,

      These posts have nothing constructive to offer. I you don't like the company, spend the 8 bucks and sell your shares.

      And yes, these are public forums and free speech is welcome.

      That's what the Ignore button is for.


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      • Forced down with the market???? The market is sitting close to its all time high. Which market are you talking about???? Most of the regionals have recovered most of there drop if not all of it yet FNFG sits one dollar off its 10 yer low.
        Not sure what metrics you use to judge a stock or its performance but you sound like an idiot!
        Many of us hold this POS in our IRA's so you can't write off what the stupidity of this CEO has done to the PPS. A lot of us bought for the div. which got cut in half. Once again, because of stupid mistakes by this CEO and management team.
        Give me one good reason these idiots haven't been removed?

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