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  • jwarfo1 jwarfo1 May 11, 2004 1:21 PM Flag


    Why do you have to destroy the board with your violent antics and lies?

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    • Assembly and Test.

      But I didn't see that in your message.
      Nor would it make any difference that I can see in your comments.

      A customer on both accounts and based in Taiwan.


    • Now I say BUY! Gr8, it has been fun this week contesting with your lying shit, as I am sure you'd fancy to rebuttal the same thoughts in any words, however, next week should be prosperous imo for SPIL and ASX. Later on, enjoy the weekend.


    • i see you are having a it!

      anyway, with all the crap going on in the world isn't it great all the semiconducters we still need. guess you didnt factor on that.

      maybe i should apologize to you, you must be a seasoned investor...after all you base this stock performance by 2-3 weeks. that's smart investing.

      you are positively a cum bucket.

    • Whatever, Master Bullshitter of the obvious. As if we all didn't know the basics of ASX and the recent ADR impact, you're still a lying pumper pricko, thats right buddy, you! You are one of those people who is always right and then if proven wrong, you differ blame onto something else to make yourself look good in hindsight. You have been full of shit about ASX and SPIL since the beginning of the year, and it has continued to lose ground. Dumbass, let me ask you, how much lower is it gonna go, wheres the bottom swamie man? Oh yeah, that's right blame it on the US stock mkt and it being a joke, open your eyes it is not just the mkt- we are in the middle of a lot of shit right now in the world, did you notice?

    • gang...we are not even tradin 1/4 of daily volume. just hang tight, trend will swing up shortly. when it does it moves up fats. it will gap back up.

    • with all that said this stock should be throught the roof!!!!i for 1 am starting to wonder whats going on. this is oil we,re talking about . i have the oil stocks and i know im payin 2.30 a gallon, but geez imseeing no return!!!! alot like the economy, supposed great numbers evrywhere,,,, but market below 10,000. i beginning to think we should just duct tape our wrist to our ankles and walk around like that the rest of our lives!!! SOMEONE IS DEFINITELY FU#%*NG SOMEONE

    • simple answers to a stupid question:

      1. revenues keep increaseing on solid demand.
      2. tawain and china political situation is actually a good thing--it allows shares to go cheap when in reality the situation has very little bearing on the company's operation and customers. so investors can get in at great prices (now) based on weak hands.
      3. selling volume over the past 2 weeks has been extremely LOW
      4. parent company's forward looking guidence and key customers all guding higher through FY 2006.
      5. PE is insanely low
      6. US stock market is a joke--keeps hitting these ADR hard whci is shakin gout weak hands. 3rd & 4th qtr., the US market is moving up, way up from these levels.
      7. the most important answer to your question: i work in the industry and know that we cannot even keep up with semi demand. if you have not figured that out by now, i feel bad for you.

    • Hehehe, Answer me one question, what are your predictions for ASX, need I remind you, your opinion has sucked before. Why should I buy now Mr. strong buy? For pete's sake, justify your rec! Or can't you?

    • sure you do. just the comment of the lexus alone show your education.

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