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  • khazad_doom khazad_doom Nov 8, 2002 3:33 PM Flag

    Guess who are most overpaid people?

    I'm back into this stock again...short, of course.

    Has anybody looked at recent insider trading?

    The Chairman has sold about another 20K shares during this month (November, 2002), averaging perhaps $21.50 per share.

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    • Big deal he sold 20,000 shares considering he has 11,000,000 shares!! talk about a drop in the bucket. He started the company don't forget that either.

      Before you tell me he sold shares short, put in perspective in that he sold such a small pittance of shares

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      • araemrikian,

        You seem to be a fairly savy investor and it is true that the chairman owns 11M shares, but you fail to consider that this company is releasing earnings information on November 12, 2002, this coming Tuesday,

        Why sell shares, even a pittance, the week before earnings information if the news is going to be good? Doesn't it make more sense to sell the 20K shares after a great earnings announcement?

        It has to make one wonder whether or not Tuesday's announcement is going to be all that great.

        There is no point in our arguing about this. We'll both know Tuesday.

        Regards Khaz :-)

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