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  • specularus specularus Sep 13, 2000 12:35 AM Flag

    overview of Fossil

    A recap of a posting:

    Nice to hear from
    you. Yes, I do like Fossil, thanks for bringing it up.
    Today's volume indicates broad interest, and a rejection
    of the sub-16 level, imo. Most of
    the trades
    were at 16.25, nothing too wild, no weird accumulation
    and dumping, just steady trading. Fossil's balance
    sheet looks great, very clean, nice cash flow,
    earnings, fine earnings growth projected. I regard their
    soft-pawed foray into apparel as having little downside
    risk. The weak euro may hurt sales in Europe,
    any damage that may result from US retailers cutting
    back on order for Fossil's products is minimized by
    its attractive share price which I could call a
    healthy margin of safety. The fear is overdone,
    imho. To my knowledge, Fossil periodically has a
    similar relationship of earnings to growth to share
    never this good. And what's more, every year, the
    darn p/e ratio doubles off the lows, and I assure you,
    that ratio is pretty low right now, p/e=7.3 for 2000,
    p/e=6 for next years earnings which is the lowest
    p/e for this stock in its history, as I recall from
    an S&P report. Needless to say, I took a good sized
    swing today

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    • I cannot imagine this company going any lower
      than $16. I figured it was a guaranteed homerun at
      $17. This company is simple earning money and growing
      with the regularity of an olympians heartbeat. I think
      the possibility of a recession is presently
      incorporated in Fossil's share price. Baring another great
      depression, this company is a guaranteed winner at these

    • If you subtract the $3.00 in cash for each share.
      You are really paying $13.00 per share for a forward
      looking PE for this year of 6.5, which, I think is a
      better way to value it. That $3.00 could be used to buy
      back FOSL shares if management has nothing better to
      do with the money.

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