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  • manchester1.rm manchester1.rm Oct 9, 2000 4:48 PM Flag

    too late to buy in

    i am one of the member of university's investment
    club, and i did susgest to them to buy in some fossil.
    when it priced below 12.. but , until they approved my
    susgestion ., it alreadied increase to 14.. so please give
    me some opinions.i know that now the price is 12 ++.
    but the market condition is very bad??

    so what
    is your opinion?

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    • It sounds like your university investment club is
      really weak. Perhaps you guys should be playing with
      Barbies instead of playing with stocks??? Packers legend
      of Lambeau, Blaise Winters. PS- Go

    • <<ALSC has a lot of stuff with no earnings
      that I would not normally buy but they are sort of
      giving them to you, or rather, paying you to take
      Bubbles...I don't usually venture in anything tech, and
      you're right ALSC is confusing. I do
      think of it as
      more of an asset play...rather than a hyper growth
      stock...although more than 80% of their business is in the non-PC
      segment of the market...and demand for chips in the
      networking, communications, and consumer markets is expanding
      rapidly. Here are a couple links that explain to some
      extent why I like this company so

      Combine that with a solid quarter reported yesterday with
      positive guidance going forward and two analyst "strong
      buy" ratings this morning. All that and it went down a
      half point today. Sheeesh...this is a tough
      environment...I'm patient...when Mr. Market wakes up to neglected
      stocks like ALSC & FOSL I'll still be holding
      them...just like ANF.

      P.S..Prudential loves

    • Well put, crzyweasle. I think the stock buyers
      today will be alot happier 3 months from now than
      today's sellers.

      P.S...Thanks for the new
      let's hope it doesn't get real gory in

    • Well, if you go by what the stock market
      saying these days, Fossil will
      be totally bankrupt
      in six months,
      all the telephone companies are
      to roll up their wires and store them
      in a
      barn somewhere once they lose
      trillions trying to
      sell those needless
      cell phones, the chipmakers
      will be
      replaced by some sort of
      product that does the computing faster,
      provided, of
      course, OPEC goes along,
      and, in addition to Fossil's
      clothes sales
      being a dismal failure, we'll all be

      walking around naked by the end of next
      year because
      their won't be a retailer
      of clothes anywhere in the
      world and
      no one will know what time it

      That's what the market is saying right now.
      If you
      believe them, fine. I happen
      to think the stock
      market is full of it,
      or at least telling a slight

    • <<So many bargains, so little

      Ain't that the truth! I usually don't associate with
      Mr. Margin...but today I couldn't resist. More FOSL & never know when rational behavior will return...

    • Skafan purchased a small initial position in FOSL
      at $11 today. Plan to buy more if the price gets to
      9-10 during the next few months.

      Glad to be
      onboard now! I think we have a long-term winner here!


    • But as you know, most of the people buying/selling have no idea what the company is worth. Of course it's not rational. ;-)

      So many bargains, so little money.

    • If you subtract the Cash from the price of the shares, that is a PE of 4!!

      FOUR!! Give me a break!!

    • Here is an interesting stock-- speaking of
      untapped value. JOB. They have a market cap of 17m Cash of
      13m earnings next year 3+m.
      They pay no dividend,
      The management apparently HATES his shareholders. It
      is so cheap because he is really shafting them. That
      is the one problem with buying stocks for their
      assets alone. (not that that would happen with ALSC but
      it is something to consider) ALSC has a lot of stuff
      with no earnings that I would not normally buy but
      they are sort of giving them to you, or rather, paying
      you to take them.

    • I bought more ALSC today...& after listening to
      this afternoon's CC I'll get more tomorrow if this
      semi-selloff takes it down more. They aren't seeing a
      slow-down like some of the analysts are. Why people were
      selling this in the 16's today escapes me....ditto for
      FOSL. As much as I hate selling any of my holdings, I
      will do a little re-allocating tomorrow if these two
      continue to get hit.

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