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  • rjfand4 rjfand4 Mar 1, 2004 2:13 PM Flag

    OT, coal

    From an environmental standpoint this looks grim. From a NG investment standpoint this must be a damper, no?

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    • FDG mines mostly metallurgical coal.

      The stock is up today probably because of the steel news out of Australia (under BHP).

      I own a few shares of both of these companies.

      For me this has not been the usual "deworsification" in these cases.

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      • I wasn't thinking of FDG in particular. I would have done well with it had I bought when Enviro first brought it to my attention. At the time( and even now) I didn't want to bother with the dividend questions re. Canadian ,since I was/am happy with two holdings I still like,NGR,ACAS.At my buyin cost they both pay around 12%. As far as diversification goes I may be wearing blinders,as ACAS is the only thing I own that isn't energy related. Oh well, like you, it's working so far.

    • Such expansion of coal fired plants would have been unthinkable until now. Sitting in a dark, cold house is not an atractive alternative to clean air. Not to mention industry stifled due to lack of power.

      I addition to the gasses mentioned, soot reflects light making the "greenhose effect" far worse.

      I hope some method of cleaning up those stacks before they are built.

      The old Sasoil method will no doubt be used to manufacture oil from coal in NA.
      Still, it will take years and billions to get THOSE plants up and running.

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      • A couple of points about the revival of coal.

        First the soot from coal - ie particulate matter - tends to increase the cloud cover which in turn decreases the heat gain by the reflectance of sunlight. Now if all of the cloud cover was at night it would increase the earth's temperature but the models most of the incremental clouds are a daylight phenomenon and a cooling factor. At least so far.

        As to climate change weather hotter or colder is still up in the air- so to speak. Odds and experience seem to favor hotter but this is no absolute certainty. It could tip over. The point is we are introducing instability in climate patterns.

        In this case change is bad for it tends, like any system, to hunt for a new point of stability and that is likely to be very different climate than what we now count on and indeed live by. The system is "ringing" ie. unstable.

        Coal to synthetic oil is I hope unlikely also a la SASOL/Mobile process or Exxon Donor Solvent or the Gulf Oil process. Better we just go to the first step ie methanol. Now this methanol process runs clean as the poisons ( Hg,S, Vanadium)have to be removed at the gaseous or one kills the catalysts.

        Now if coal is going to become the future fuel again the some real money will be made by the railroads. This is a 24/7 cargo for them in big trains with great backing in terms of captive markets and folks that can pay. Take a look at BNI as they are Great Plains Carriers. A review of their Annual Reports will convince you how critical coal is to their earnings.

        The only competition is a slurry pipeline but this is water sensitive and there isn't much water up there that the locals will release.

        In short if coal makes a run for it:
        a- there is going to be a lot of equipment competition for SU's expansion
        b- BNI should make out like a bandit.

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