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  • smokedlobster smokedlobster Jun 23, 2014 8:28 AM Flag

    From the "Really? I'm Shocked That Greenies Are So Two-Faced! file...

    A little OT for SU...but highly relevant in the big picture.

    ".....Russia is secretly working to undermine fracking with a sophisticated disinformation campaign in an attempt to keep Europe dependent on energy imports from Moscow, the secretary-general of Nato has said.

    The Telegraph reports that Anders Fogh Rasmussen said Russia was working with environmental groups campaigning against fracking...."

    So I guess we should all get excited about those pipelines getting built real soon! It's not like there's a similarly willing-and-able army of ground-level mental midgets available to be manipulated and duped, right?!

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    • And if you think Russia is bad news, you have no idea what similar "interests" in the U.S., dealing with domestic thief organizations like Sierra and Greenpeace, have been up to for decades.

      The President may not have the political gonads to approve Keystone, but that doesn't mean that the "backroom boys" will just sit tight and allow a conduit to China get built instead. They can pay every low-IQ Canook to give up their blogs and sit in the woods with protest signs for years (using Sierra Club letterhead, of course).

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