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  • binksto binksto Jun 19, 2000 4:08 PM Flag

    sales down????

    sources say 8 million passenger tires and 850000 truck tires just sitting in wharehouses...
    customer fill rates sliding fast....hmmmmm.

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    • On 4/28 (msg 718) you advised Albany
      plant at
      capacity and all tires sold.
      In recent messages you
      advise Albany
      plant has cut back and tires are in
      warehouses. I can't reconcile your comments.

      I can,
      however, tell you that the
      stock market is 6 to 12
      months ahead
      of what's happening. In August
      1990 at beginning of recession CTB
      bottomed at
      6.25. It rallied about
      30% in September, then
      retested the
      low in October. Two months later
      it has
      rallied about 100% to 12 and
      by year-end 1991 had
      doubled again
      to over 26.

      March 2000 CTB
      bottomed at 9.50,
      then rallied to about 14 in
      May. It is now retesting that low.
      I would be
      amazed at a quadruple to
      38 by year-end 2001 but
      expect a
      price approaching a triple.

      The time
      to buy is when the bad news
      is in the market.

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      • when orders cant be met on time customers go where they can be....been producing to many cooper brand name and falling behind on other customers i here

      • "...the time to buy is when the bad news is in
        the market..."

        I totally agree. Unfortunately,
        it's a little difficult to determine when that point

        But what we are seeing in the economy now is a long
        way from bad news. Today there are only harbingers of
        bad news seeping slowly into the

        You'll know when bad news is here because there won't be
        any more talk of "I'm in it for the long haul". There
        will come a time when people will never want to hear
        about the stock market again.

        A bunch of
        gamblers have stubbed their toes this year and they're
        crying "blood in the streets". Well, when their jugular
        veins get slashed somewhere down the road then they'll
        find out what a real bear market looks like.

        What we've seen so far is like having a picnic in the
        park and being upset about a couple of dandelions
        sprouting along the path. Reality will hit when the big
        bear comes along, eats your lunch, and then defecates
        in your picnic basket.

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