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  • zpuix zpuix Jul 24, 2002 3:34 PM Flag

    Jews and Arabs

    perhaps "ALLOWED" was not the right
    word. But anyone with a brain knows
    that Banking and many other professions
    were RESTRICTED. In fact, when I purchased
    my home, there was a clause in the deed
    restricting the sale to people of "semitic
    origin." (Albeit I purchased 20 years ago).

    Most of the New York brokerage houses are
    public companies owned by thousands of stock
    holders. Some of them were started by JEWS
    but most of them are held publicly.

    And show me where Jews control banking and
    show me where Jews control Newspapers. The
    New York Times is the only one I know that is
    Jewish owned and someone told me recently that
    the owner is, in fact, not Jewish. (I have
    researched this subject extensively).

    Jews DO NOT control the wealth on this country.
    There are many successful Jews but it is
    because they stress education (is that a crime?)