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  • zonked_rocks_rules zonked_rocks_rules Jul 22, 2004 11:39 AM Flag

    Reco, if you think this SUB is sinking.

    Recommend if you think this SUB is sinking!

    Those who are still on board this SUB still could qualify for the summer Olympic games in the rowing contest� To bad that there is not a bailing contest, the longs here would be tough to beat. IMHO they could be going for the gold..


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    • you Sub-Menza!

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      Reco, if you think this SUB is sinking.
      by: zonked_rocks_rules (51/M/Beverly Hills) 07/22/04 11:39 am
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      Recommend if you think this SUB is sinking!

      Those who are still on board this SUB still could qualify for the summer Olympic games in the rowing contest� To bad that there is not a bailing contest, the longs here would be tough to beat. IMHO they could be going for the gold..


    • Disclaimer: Oberservations of the universe and any connection to persons, places, or events contained heretofore therein ipso facto Dino DeLaurentis is completely unintentional and part of my flag drapped right of freedom of speech here in the good ol' US of A.

      This little guy keeps hitting the send key. Over and over and over and over and over and �. you get the idea.

      For a schematic of an automatic chest beating machine click here:

      >>>You do not need a college education to figure that out.>>>

      Remember this people: Eminent qualifications required to be a critic here on this board.

    • I really love laughing at these longs here who have NEVER come close to being correct about this stock.. The class action lawsuit will pay out more to those who get involved than those who were to silly to have sold and are still grasping at air..

      A few of the longs upon this message board deserved to have been taken to the cleaners. It could not have happen to a better group..


    • Why are you still here then?

      Get the Fuck out!

    • My IQ is roughly around 128...I graduated in the top 10 % of my high school class. My senior year I was already taking all college level classes.

      I own two businesses and have never had to hit a time clock in my life since 1980.

      I played GNTA better than most of you here. Anyone who listened to the little maggots on this board got ate by the vultures who were dressed as shorts and traders. We took your money from your stock here and put it to use in other better investments. Anyone who worshiped the fool who started up the club site deserved to have lot everything that they owned. One of you should have went back to school and learned the difference between, N, and M..

      I know that I did well and I know that most of you got reamed a new asshole.


    • Nevertheless, I am 100% correct about the brown nose a$$ kissing longs who love being bent over on this board. Some of the longs here knows exactly what HR ate because they are wearing it on their noses.. WDB1 and general_clown are two of the biggest losers on this message boards. You do not need a college education to figure that out. By them still posting here, 24-7 says everything you need to know about these two real losers. WDB1 lost most of his money here along with General. The only reason they are both here today is that they were too stupid to have sold this above $13 like the way I did. If they would have traded this stock as often as I did and not held onto it for four plus years, they would understand who really is laughing at whom.

      Sure some fool like WDB1 will say that I bought GNTA right before GNTA got turned down by the advisory board but he will forget to mention that over the 5 years that I have been in and out of GNTA that I was so FARRRRRRRRRRRRR ahead of everyone lese here. By me taking a little RISK before they got turn down was painless and the right choice for me. It did little to no damage at all to my portfolio. I was up over 600% from the year before so therefore by me taking a little risk (less than 5%) out of the 600% profit that I was up from the year before was not really much of risk at all for me.

      I played GNTA right from day one. I was able to buy 5000 shares of GNTA at 75 cents and I rode those shares all the way up to and beyond $10. I did something which most of these longs were unable to do. I sold and locked in a very sweet profit from my very first investment into this stock. I did buy back into GNTA when it became cheap enough for me. I think I was able to buy back most of those 5000 shares somewhere in the low $7. The next run that I had in this stock took me back over $10 again. Some of the longs have never got over that. They are still jealous tremendously even today.


    • Into every life a little rain must fall.

    • Thanks, DubDee. I think. Would love to hoist a couple beers with you sometime, but I'm inclined to deflect all speculations about my "intellectual capacity". Let's just say I know enough to know I'm operating waaaaay below my Designer's original specifications: "We know that we all possess knowledge. Knowledge puffs up, but love builds up. The man who thinks he knows something does not yet know as he ought to know. But the man who loves God is known by God."

      Little posting from me for awhile. Got some killer carpal tunnel going. Too darn much yard work, building and oil-treating fences, stacking block retaining walls, digging and moving dirt. SheWhoMustBeObeyed has grandiose plans for the landscape. <sigh> S'okay though. Today marks the 27th anniversary of the day we became engaged, and she says she's renewing my contract. (I bought her an opera length strand of pearls a few years back, and gave it to her on Valentine's Day. She was all a-gaw, so I explained to her the the strand was MINE, and that I was just giving her one pearl, and that every time an Occasion(tm) came around -- such as her birthday, Christmas, the halfway point for paying off the mortgage, whatever -- I'd get out the ole black laundry marker and check off another pearl. But I digress, and my darn fingers are tingling.)

    • I was not necessarily concurring that I don't have the intellectual capacity of General (I don't know since I don't know him). I was simply quoting Zonkers in response to his comment.

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