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  • man_as_dust man_as_dust Jan 30, 2000 4:23 PM Flag

    re: cancer vaccines

    there is a great advantage to using a cancer
    vaccine... in fact, the most powerful way to fight a disease
    is by utilizing our immune system; it is highly
    efficient, and has had years to evolve.

    but there are
    some problems with this. the whole idea is that cancer
    cells are, in fact, human cells. and the immune system
    cells that do the killing (tcells) are "trained" not to
    effect cells that have self-antigens (surface markers
    that designate "self" as opposed to "foregin").

    the monoclonal antibody approach is interesting, but
    i dont think it will ever approch the effectiveness
    of chemo+g3139... at least not at this

    btw- if you are looking into cancer vaccines, VICL and
    AVII both are in (or are soon to be in) piii trials.

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    • Thank you to all that answered my last post about
      the potential competition for GNTA. It will indeed be
      interesting to watch the progress of these various companies
      and their differing approaches to curing cancer. This
      is a very important topic.

      While I still am
      not sure where most of my money should go in the
      cancer vaccine/treatment race. I think there is a very
      interesting side issue: immune system response.

      think that everyone would agree that a drug used in
      conjunction with a cancer vaccine or treatment that could
      seriously boost immune response would be an excellent
      addition to the medical coctail. I believe such a drug
      exists and is already being marketed in I believe 13
      countries. It is in phase 2 in the U.S. It is called Zadaxin
      and is made by Sciclone Pharmaceuticals (SCLN). Not
      only does it significantly boost immune response, it
      has NO negative side effects. I believe g3139 would
      be even more effective when used in combination with
      this drug. By the way, Zadaxin is also being used in
      anti-AIDS cocktails too. Lastly, and far from least
      important, Zadaxin looks like it will be the best selling,
      most effective drug for Hep B and Hep C.

      those of you that don't want to put all your eggs in
      one anti-cancer basket, you might want to take a look
      at SCLN's Zadaxin because of its ability to be used
      in concert with many different therapies. This
      company also has a nice drug for CF in phase 2. All this
      and a market cap of 200 million

      I think I'll probably pick up some GNTA over the
      next week or two. I'll also accumulate my position in
      a few of the other lead cancer treatment companies.
      These shares in combination with my SCLN holdings
      should perform very nicely in the coming 1-2

      All the best!


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