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  • javali69 javali69 Sep 7, 2003 11:02 AM Flag


    Who is the most reputable Mutual Fund Company out there?

    Also, Uncle Sam took all the capital gains in the last few years and now is taking all the fine money. Where is that money going?

    The way I see it the fat cats and FCC are making out like bandits.

    Any ideas on who the most honest and ethical mutual fund is will help.

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    • For reputable fund firms I would say:

      1) Vanguard - prudent funds, rock-bottom fees, mutually owned by fund shareholders, thus structurally less incentive to gouge people for profit... also strong corporate ethic from Jack Bogle (now retired)

      2) Bridgeway - owner heavily invested in funds, many with performance-based fees (a disincentive to "asset bloat"), testified to congress against "soft-dollar" arrangements many funds have

      3) Dodge & Cox - low turnover, cheap, staid, great long term performance, no "flavor-of-the-month" funds

      4) T. Rowe Prive - good investor education, reasonable fees, prudent managers, though they did introduce 2 *additional* tech funds during the bubble...

      5) Oakmark - not sure about the owners of the company, but the fund managers are smart and straightforward, good shareholder communications

      6) Weitz - smart guy, Warren Buffett likes him, steady value-oriented investing, informative quarterly letters as well as conference calls you can listen in on

      As for Janus, I'm not sure the worst is priced in. I sold my Janus Worldwide holdings this past week. Depends how many other Janus fundholders are disgusted enough to do the same.

    • I like Vanguard and T.Rowe Price funds, but I am open to suggestions for where else I should put my money. Even though Janus finally has some positive returns this year, it has been around 15% while my individual stock account with Etrade has returned 75% and that's with holding all my stocks which I bought at the beginning of the year. And I don't have an ivy league degree.

    • I still have a little trust in Pimco and Vanguard.

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