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  • jesica_jesica_jesica jesica_jesica_jesica Feb 4, 2002 10:48 AM Flag


    But it is OK to buy! I am a good girl. I got 45 shares. I want to be rich. Please Pretty Please with Sugar on it!

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    • All of those buy and sell orders are lumped together as "trades"? So, there isn't really any such thing as buying or selling. I'm just trading my money for whatever, or my whatever for money.

      I better try to explain this to my wife. She loves to go to "sales" and "buy" stuff. She'll really get depressed when she learns she has to "trade" and can no longer buy.

    • You cannot sell or buy a stock. You must trade a stock/stocks and in order to do this U must be a licensed auctioneer!


    • Their new agents are now called Financial planers.... will sell you everything.... funds...and stocks...

      I believe the old time P&C agents stay away from this.

      This Advantage Account thing is weird... it is like opening an online account..... The Agents do not even know what their client is doing most of the time.

      It is like here - open an account and deal with a service desk.

      Oh but they get paid commissions.... when I was there - and I am not a ex-disgruntal -it was a disaster.

    • you are telling me that they are now licensing PRUPAC agents? life and preferred, i know some (not all) are licensed....but prupac??

    • Pru will sponser him under Pruco Securities - a registered broker dealer ( Check S&P Red Book )

      Execution capabilities through an Advantage Account ( off shoot of command account ) - through their trading desk at pru sec in NYC,,

      route orders through PSI order system..

      They are doing it.....

    • oh, one other minor little nagging detail: who is the 8 (or 10) licensed supervisor signing off on his transactions??

      yea, you all frantically rush off to the nasd website to look that one up, lol!!!

    • dog:

      if i am decifering your pathetic lame "i'm a 56 year old balding white guy trying to sound hip" speak, you are telling us that your PROPERTY AND CASUALTY INSURANCE AGENT IS SERIES 7 AND 63 LICENSED, AND CAN EXECUTE STOCK TRADES FOR YOU IF YOU WISH?

      uh, one would sponser him for the license, he would have no execution capabilities, it's imp-------aw forget it.

      man...what a waste of bandwith. nice try just laid an egg.

    • One more thing---being LICENSED and being QUALIFIED are two very different things.

    • Insurance Agents selling STOCKS & BONDS & OPTIONS, etc. is a VERY FOOLISH idea.

      Insurance Agents/Plannners selling MUTUAL FUNDS is "O.K."---but, still not a good idea.

    • wazzzup dogg~~

      Maybe you did not asked the right question to your agent/plannner. You should have ask HIM if HE is the one who will exercute the trade, etc. (and be the one to take to arbitration if need be), or is he just ARRANGING that an order be taken and exercuted by someone else.

      Will HE, personally, monitor your STOCKS and advise you on them.

      If HE says yes, ask him how much time HE spends in front of a screen, keeping up with the research, "stock market", and calling clients.

      Also, is there someone who can do a TRADE, immediately, (the market doesn't wait) if he is out on an insurance appointment.

      I would be VERY CURIOUS to learn of his answers. Will you report back to us?

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