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  • Not that I care in the least (I just check this board to see what's going on at my former employer and how my PRU stock is doing), but from what I saw today, Carol Coale may not have been that far off base. Just an observation because frankly, I'm getting kind of sick of all of the Carol slams even though, as I mentioned, I really don't care - don't know her, don't follow her work, don't invest in anything she covers, etc. It's just a bunch of meaningless and annoying clutter taking up space on this board. Yeah, I know I can block the messages, but why should I have to go through the trouble.

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    • the fa has to take the payout in april, this represents them bulk of the old plan that rolled over to mastershare.

    • Can you explain what the 'forced compensation plan" to FA's at PRU means. What do they get?

    • Ohhhhh!
      Down another 15% EARLY today..
      I walked into the bathroom this morning and saw my son phil laying face down in a puddle of blood... He was laying there buck naked with his worthless certificates hanging out of his back side, and he looked like DYN had just tore him a new...... you know it

    • Something has to happen. PSI can no longer operate hemorrhaging money. It is obvious that they cannot cut their way to greatness. No matter what they do they can't make money without revenues going up and that is not happening. The problem is probably getting WB to bite on this thing. PSI is faced with a couple problems. 1. The incredible load of debt from recruiting deal that did not pan out and 2. The deferred compensation plan that forces advisors to take the bulk of the money in April. A deal ahs to be done and stay money set before them or conservative estimates are that 15% of FA's leave after collecting money.
      PSI is loaded with very good people, but they are being lead by a senior management team that is incompetent. Why do you think Ryan has said no further resources to PSI? So let�s see no acquisitions, Recruiting does not work, no joint venture sounds like SELL to me. It is for the best and people in the field want it to get away from PRU. As for the analyst issue who care they provide no revenue to retail, they are an institutional business. The posters who like to slam on analyst have a simple solution. Do business elsewhere!! Who cares?
      By the way the name of the company should not include PRU. The rep is so bad it is best to walk from it and forget it

    • Lurked on the board intermitently starting in July. Did my own DD and pulled the trigger in October. Saw the run up from .48-$3.75 and back to .60. Never even crossed my mind to post on the board.
      I really do not have time for you. Buy my point is.....People do not need to pay morons like you to make financial decisions. If they do their own DD they come out ahead. You are a parasite.
      What are you current favorite stock picks?
      I took a hit on Friday. But I'm still up over 70%.

    • You still havent pointed out your post of what you bought at that day.. you just claim to have bought on an almost perfect bottom, yet there are no posts from you on that day or the next with you bragging how great a job you are doing, like in the one I pointed out. Wheres the proof?... you have a big mouth and nothing to back it up.. I pointed out your buy in my other post.. dont be mad, just dump the penny stock and start investing in more stable companies.

    • I really wish something would happen already. Overall, that is the attitude I think you'd find in NY. Let's just find something out one way or the other. It's no longer talked about or speculated about as much anymore. When it is mentioned now, it's more matter-of-fact-like than anything else. This feeling of being in limbo isn't the greatest.

      And by the way, I also had to laugh at Crabbie's light bulb comment.

    • Bought 10/31. Had a limit in for .75 and it gapped way down at the open and got filled at .65.
      As for your great research on my postings. Try this one on the DYN board 188950. Huh? It's from 12/11/02. Glad I do not use you for a financial advisor. Nice homework there BigNutsfag. You do everything half assed don't ya? I know you flunked Mcdonalds so I will provide a link. You truly are a loser. Probably mid 40's divorced twice and 50 LBS. overweight. Ha Ha you LOSE again. Suck It Fat Boy.

    • Very interesting, you along with everyone else bought at 60 cents, congrats, you are a pefect bottom feeder. Only one problem... no proof. see I checked out the DYN board looks like you reared you're ugly head on about Jan12th <Give or take a day or two> and you spewed crap all over that board, about what you bought your shares at,but we all know if you bought it at 60 cents you would've been bragging when it was at $1.00 on that board as well, but no such post exist that far back from you, or any that reek of you're disgusting language<you're post show a real lack of respect for others with the language you use from reading the DYN and PRU boards>. And the only post where you brag about buying DYN that holds true to that days corresponding prices would be post #247734 on the DYN board....
      Sorry SON, you lose again

    • Just a good thing I bought when Carol issued a strong sell at .60. PRU is a garbage company and yo are a big pussy Bignutsfag.

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