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  • ymh_ymh_ymh ymh_ymh_ymh Apr 3, 2003 2:09 PM Flag

    PRUSec has firewalls preventing access

    of YHOO boards during trading hours from PRUSec computers I understand. Can anyone else verify this for me after the close from home?

    Thanks in advance.

    YMH (Bear's biggest bull)

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    • Everyone should approach comments on this board with a high degree on skepticism many of our most frequent commentators have agendas, grudges and questionable brokerage experience. When reading an individual post repeat the phrase READER BEWARE over and over until it sinks in. Personally, I have enjoyed many of the comments on this board and feel we have actually done some good. If you question this, please refer to management�s quick change of the ERS disclosure statement or should I say non-compete clause. So far, for me that was the only potential deal breaker in the JV. The rest of the issues range from mildly annoying to just dumb business decisions. In total, they do not outweigh the potential benefits of this JV. The firm will have numerous opportunities over the next year to rise to the occasion and prove to me they are pro broker. If instead they follow the path of other disastrous bank/brokerage mergers I'll watch this ship take on water and sink as a passenger on another luxury liner.

    • drj1400...
      your brain isn't in gear or you are truly a recruiter simply playing with people who aren't thinking of the implications of your comments!
      you would have us believe that a public company should announce it's intentions to it's employees prior to making a public announcement. isn't that a violation? you would also have us believe our execs are so stupid they would continue to operate in an environment where leverage was so bad all we could do was continue to cut costs until we were unable to service our fa's.
      obviously you and others fail to grasp that we are in a world where, because of the tough markets, we were unable to meet the needs of our clients long term while delivering a competitive roe to our shareholders. scale was needed! beyond that wb obviously had a similar challenge, making the jv a layup.
      it's pathetic that a branch manager trusted to lead a business can't see something a lot of fas are starting to realize. things will take time. as for me, i'll give the new firm some time, and a chance, to put this togeather rather than jump on every miscue as a reason to encourage fas to sell themselves to the highest bidder.
      your constant whining is not helping. get aboard or get out...i'm glad you aren't leading my branch!

    • YOU are about as full of it as anyone I have ever heard! You spend too much time telling us how smart/great/have no agenda for ANY of it to be true. When will you realize that NO ONE here is buying your do us all a favor and try peddling it somewhere else for a change. Don't go away mad.......

    • If you're doing over $2 million in production, maybe I have some upfront $$$ for you, red dot. Show me your resume/book and I will show you the money, honey.

      BTW, it's Geraldo, not Heraldo.

      FD: I am not a headhunter. I am not a BSC employee. I am not with the SEC/NASD/NYSE. I run my own ship and am in the market for a few good men and women, just like the USMC.


      i don't care if your are a crossdressing
      transvestite pretending to be osama's mountain
      lamma go tell your story to Heraldo i hear he has too much time on his hands and needs some company..... On this message board you are "TOKYO ROSE" a very pathetic one at that....

      it is so sad for a company such as BS to have to resort to using a person pretending to several people to possibly attract psi brokers...

      HEY BEAR i say out with TOKYO ROSE and show me the money!

    • Hope you will listen to this. It is not the sale of the firm that has so many people livid, it is the fact that right up until it was announced Pru employees were lied to again and again and again--while at the same time AR was telling analysts and the investment community something entirely different, that we are out of here. Some people are funny about that, they can't stand being lied to, especially about a firm that was hemorraging money (and still is.) They didn't have the courage, confidence in themselves, and they didn't trust their people enough to tell them the truth. People just want you to be straight with them. And then they didn't have the courage, trust, or belief in themselves to think they could make this work, so they tried to chain the sales force with the ERS mess. Most successful organizations want their people to stay because they WANT to, not because they HAVE to. They weren't confident anyone would really WANT to stay. It was constant spin after constant spin, anything but straight talk, it looked totally deceptive, and it was, and it was insulting employees' intelligence. People feel set up--you can see it on this board, and it is not all from folks who are leaving--and they do not like the feeling.

    • I agree the firm is not great, but than what employer is great and who defines great. There will always be something to disagree about no matter where you work. I also agree with many that MR, JS and AR don't always make the right decisions as far as I'm concerned. But then again, who does ALWAYS make the right decision. Making decisions or calling into question decisions made is always easier with 20/20 hindsight.

      You complain that we were sold to the lowest bidder (and only bidder you point out). AR made it clear a year or two earlier that he would "sell" any division that was not being profitable. We employees shouldn't have been surprised by this move. We, the division of PSI, were highly unprofitable. You can lay the blame for that at the feet of numerous members of present and former senior management. You can complain and complain about it, but if you're not willing to do more than complain and take action than, in my opinion, you're as big a hypocrite as you claim are the members of senior management. (And bitching online on a message board is not taking action).

      We are lucky in some respects that anyone even wanted us given our dismal financial situation. Most of the other major brokerages long ago hooked up with a bank--it was only a matter of time until PSI did the same (and Pru Bank & Trust sure as hell was not the one I wanted to be with).

      In my opinion PSI is just as good a place to work as the next firm. We have our problems but so do they. If we work together to find solutions and correct them (and get over it and move on when we can't) then the NewCo can be a good place to work also.

      People tend to get bogged down in the mire of these situations and not see the positives that can come out of this "merger". It seems that most of the people on this board are "glass if half empty" kind of people and that disease is just too easy to spread. I do feel for the people who are going to lose their jobs over this (especially those in NY). Hell, I might lose my job. But in the meantime and until I do, I'm going to make the best of what I've got. I certainly don't need to continuously feed the monster of anger and discord on this message board.

      That being said, this is my last post and the last time I will be on here.

      Thanks for listening.

    • babe_with_balls_rule_merrill babe_with_balls_rule_merrill Apr 8, 2003 6:42 PM Flag

      Here, here YMH! You go girl! I'm down wit OPP too!

    • I would sure like to see this board engage in more useful information regarding the stock, it's price, direction, comparison, etc.

      It seems the messages on the board are nearly exclusive from employees who are not happy about this, that, and the other regarding their employment.

    • I disagree with your disagreement.

      You are just another clueless woman at Pru. You should come over here with Jimmy and I. We'll take good care of you.

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