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  • bignutsfa92 bignutsfa92 Jul 5, 2003 9:37 AM Flag


    I would like to remind a few people that are now starting to believe the piles of warm fuzzy feces that are being thrown around in daily emails, meetings in VA, conference calls, etc. etc. etc.

    There is no way this merger will tip the balance of power on the Street.

    Success needs to have a winning culutre. When you combine an old tired negative sales force that kind of has a losing culture, and a mish mash of series 6 bank reps and independants that have no culture of all things it does equal, I can tell you it won't equal a winning wirehouse.

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    • I know some blue bloods from Jax who went to JMU and some working class types who went to Danny's alma mater, W&M. VCU is sort of like Texas A&M, isn't it? I am not too familar with VCU.

    • Sorry, JMU ain't no blue blood college. No self-respecting blue blood Virginia college would hire Lefty to coach bball. No way is JMU in the league of THE University. Even Claibourne's UR is head and shoulders above it. My favorite is good ol' VCU, the "KMart of Higher Education."

    • I knew a broker once at Scott Stringfellow whose initials are/were W.S. Do you know him, too, whoq2001?

      That's a really old line firm and probably more blue blood than any other in the deep south, isn't it?

      BTW, the guys/gals you kept that were worth keeping do like Mr. Meyer a lot. The only complaint they had about dinner at Danny's was they ruined their shoes. Grass too wet, way too much rain. Even the Jewish ones liked him, whoq2001. They're a tough crowd to please.

    • You forgot James Madison, sir heeb_meister. Let's talk Brookline and fellow members of the tribe who will tell us both their people came over with the Santa Maria and Columbus was really one of us incognito. Oh those haughty German Jews treated our kind like poor white Appalachian trailer court trash, didn't they?

      On the kid, nuts, he is to be placed on IGNORE. He has a "personal problem" and a good career counselor would tell him to find a new profession.

    • "from" a Jew...sorry, a typist I am not. A brilliant financier, well, not THAT brilliant but good enough to live at the Rivah part-time and in Boca the rest. Think about it...little Jew beats VMI/UVA/RM/HS...all dirt roads lead to Tech!!! Go Hokies!!!

    • ok, tell ya vat I'm gonna do fer ya. An, yes, Scott & String, Craigie, knew 'em all. Great little shops filled with ol' Virginia blue bloods. "The University, VMI, Randy Mac, Hampton Sydney, NOT Tech"...yep...I'll tell you anything you want to know. Just ask good questions, ya hear?

      BTW, you don't mind takin' lessons for a Jew, do you? Some of those old timers sure did. Didn't bother Marshall none, though. Good boy, that MW.

    • S&S mansaid
      "Ever heard of a little Richmond firm called Scott & Stringfellow? Some of us natives didn't like working for a commercial bank in 1999 either so we just moved next door."

      Only to be purchased by a smaller, clueless
      bank that hired an insurance agent to run brokerage. When is that broker "LP" that blew up that company Profit sharing plan and got himself some time off thanks to the regulators coming back to work?

    • Since Peter's gone I will let you in on what I was told by Brand Meyer's fan club:

      "Oh, the pretty dark haired boy wonder all the babes used to go gaga for?"

      Here's what your new co-workers had to say about Danny, Paul, and Brand:

      "Ludeman's impressive. He sure likes to talk a lot, though. We liked what Brand Meyer had to say. Seems like he's a no bullshi* kind of guy."

      "Costello's not much on conversation but he comes off as being pretty sharp. Having dinner at a COO's house was quite a treat for us considering how our management treated brokers making under $1.0MM per year. We really got the feeling they want us to stay."

      How long have you been with Wachovia and/or its former acquisitions?

      On your new co-workers, there are some damn good brokers and branch mgrs you retained in my opinion.

    • Brand was a regional director at Everen. A very good person. Quinn being out is no huge surprise....he shouldn't have been "in" in the first place. A total b-shit artist that had absolutely no right to the position based on tenure, experience, leadership ability, brains or anything else. A perfect candidate for Barnum and Bailey! Actually if life was fair he'd be asking..."do you want frys with that order". Old joke...sorry....

    • Ever heard of a little Richmond firm called Scott & Stringfellow? Some of us natives didn't like working for a commercial bank in 1999 either so we just moved next door.

      Yes, you and happy are old timers and you two can probably teach us kids a thing or two if we pay real close attention. Some of us are willing to listen if you're willing to mentor a little.

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