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  • luckypennyus luckypennyus Sep 1, 2006 2:28 PM Flag

    shoulda bought

    refer to Aug 8th message - stock for sale - was at $71 - now at $73 and will climb back to $80+ - got to buy when it is on sale

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    • this might go up to higher 90's next year at this rate

    • Where is "deflation" now???????? Buy at 71 in August and sitting near record high today -

    • Beef, I wish I had what Lucky Penny has, enough big bucks to buy when it is low too. Everything I read points to a good future with Pru for the stockholders I mean. We still have a 7 (out of 10) rating on MSN, they changed Met to a 6 (out of 10) rating on MSN, although they are a great company. So, we just keep on doing what we're doing. Go get 'em Pru!

    • :( Must have hit the wrong button or maybe I should post SELL comments to drive the stock down so I can buy more...I wish I had that much juice.

    • Beef, I just reread your post, after sounding so upbeat, why do you say "SELL"???? Come on now, YAHOO!!! PRU!!!

    • Hey Beef! I can't get over how quiet this board has been for two days of stock prices going up. I remember the one poster who said when the price gets to $77 again, he was selling, remember him? Hope he stayed in. I know I got reprimanded once for saying things looked great, so I don't make those remarks anymore. He thought I put a hex on it. Just enjoy each day one day at a time. Heck if my one little stock is finally past what I originally paid for it 4 years ago at least, I'm pleased. It cost all of $5 and dropped to $3, now it's rated a 7 (out of 10) and that is good news. So far I'm reading the analysts are saying (on Pru) and they say it's going to be o.k. when they send out the next report on earnings, but we'll wait and see, no hurry anyway. I'm glad at least you and I are upbeat! GO PRU!!!

    • buying programs kicked in at 2pm when DOW was approaching new highs. BULLISH!!!

    • Hey, that message wasn't for you, I should have specified that it was for lucky penny us, who started the subject of shoulda bought. You don't give digs, lucky penny does. Darn it anyhow, I was waiting for a reply from Penny. Aside from that "mistaken identity" (Penny, not you), what has happened this morning to PRU? Any comments appreciated, and I mean from anybody. Anyway, I could have told you a long time ago you were male just from the way you phrase things. Don't worry, be happy. Sig. Oh, I better say it, "GO PRU".

    • Sigunka:

      When you get to a corner, do you go left, or right, or do you go right, or left, or do you go left, or right, or do you go right, or left?????

      Regarding a previous post of yours, I hope your stocks have gone up in price so that you will not be harmed when you tell your wife what you own!

      I enjoy your honest posts to this message board, and if it is my gender you are questioning, all I can say is that Bill Clinton increased my quality of life when I tried his favorite vice: A good Cuban cigar coated with a little sugarbush!!!


    • Three days later, it's still the same price, but I'm not one to complain when I didn't pay anything for it. The only problem is when and if I ever sell, I do pay a hefty tax. I can live with that. Did you have to buy all of yours? Why do I think you are female? Because they can make the biggest digs ever? No, males can do that too. It doesn't matter, you can get this board of posters to react, and that's what we want here, action, news, and sensible info. There's lots of you out there who give out good facts about PRU which is why I like our board best. Go PRU!

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