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  • sigunka sigunka Jun 25, 2008 4:20 PM Flag


    Those dollar increases all add up now don't they.

    It's a far cry from predicted losses from some on this board.

    We'll take them all as we get them. GO SHARE HOLDERS!!!!


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    • Sorry for the transposition, the year was 1943 not 1934.
      Mr. C

    • Sig,
      Thank you for your fine comments. I was always under the impression that you were approximately my age. Apparently you are just a youngter...

      One of the things that I did before my mother died was to drive drive her around the city of Boston to all the places where she my father lived. We began our tour at the apartment where my father took my mother as a bride in 1924 and finished out side of the single-family home that they purchased in 1934 for $4,100 . [My nephew is the head of the assessing Department for the city says that house is now assessed for almost half a million dollars.]

      This was at the period of time when the video cameras started to become popular. At each location my mother would describe living in the various apartments. and would some of the events that occurred in each. My sister and most of my brothers were born and home and were delivered by a Homeopathic Physician that made house calls. She would point to the various windows and describe where who was born in that room . It is an interesting video that my children and grandchildren have seen and enjoyed.

      If you send me your e-mail address I would be happy to send some of the pages that describe apartment living in Boston in the early part of the 20th century. . My e-mail address is

    • Banks having big problems are not secret any more.

      Try reading Imploding Banks or those having difficult times.

      That's why I'm removing some of my money from that to cash.

      That's also why I'm leaving my stock with PRU glued to my

      hands. I don't know when that this turnaround will happen,

      but some of you guys who see no value will rue that day.


    • U r one of the saddest, most niave idiots i have ever encountered. U deserve to lose your money just for being so dumb!

    • Mr. C. That was most interesting, hearing about where and when you lived, and the relatives. If a book is ever published, let me know, I'd like to buy it and read it. I have a nephew who is now in Arizona, back here right now to take care of auctioning off the home of his mom and dad, and they have antiques everywhere. They don't go back as far in time as your mother's family did, but my sister-in-law was the 5th generation being buried in a well known cemetery in our area, maybe 20 miles away. You are fortunate to be able to track the ancestors. My dad as I told you, came from Austria, they were peasants, he was a woodcutter in the national forest. He looked for a better life in America, his wife followed later with my dad who was the only one born out of the U.S. I heard stories of the depression from him too, those were bad times to live thru and anyone who did live thru those years came out a stronger person, like you and my dad. His ancestors cannot be traced back. My mother's ancestors can't be traced either, her grandmother was an orphan and her grandfather had no one to trace either. I would have enjoyed seeing those gas lights you spoke of, did you ever hear of the old song "The Old Lamp Lighter"? It referred to that. Tell me more of what you remember because you lived in a state rich with history. I enjoyed all I read. Sig.

    • Sig,
      When I first started writing the biographical sketches of my family I interviewed my two elderly aunts and uncle by telephone and recorded the conversation.. That became the basis of the first two generations of my father's family in America. That, and what I remember about my growing up in Boston during the Depression. Most of the streets were made of cobblestones and sidewalks were made of red bricks. In the evening a lamplighter would come around and start the gas lanterns that lighted the streets. Some of the main roads had rails inbeded in the road where electric trolleys would carry commuters into downtown Boston.

      The genealogy of my mother's family is already published and can be found in the rare book section of many libraries in this area. My mother's family immigrated to this area in 1641 and most of the family continues to live in the Boston area.

      I did complete the biographical sketches of the third generation of my family and my daughter is preparing both of these for publication.

      After retiring in 2001 there was very little to keep my mind busy so I turned to the stock market and writing the biographical sketches.

    • We will see what we will see.

      no one can make predictions.

      that is up to pru and they are taking the bull by the horns,

      and i do not mean the bull market. this is bigger than that.


    • Johnny had 16 postings yesterday. More than a passing interest. Obsession or other motives.

    • im saying your investing in the wrong company and your money would be better off in a cash/cd or in a company growing despite the current problems in the market or economy.

      odds are pretty good on any given day that other poster with $45 target gets his target on a gap down that doesnt look back.

      now i know you dont like what i have to say,, but i have posted quite a bit about it on the BAC board back when it was 52-54 and was pounding the table cramer was pumping,, BASEL II has to be met...........the banks were not and are not basell II compliant they tried to pull a fast one by lowering the standard........and still that crap didnt stick as only a fool couldnt connect the dots about the open window (now a sliding glass door) means: it means banks around us are collapsing but the names are hidden until ws sells all their shares in the stocks.

      now people are asking about the dif levels of sipc and fdic,,,,,,,,seems besides the $100k+500k limits,, some accounts are not covered. 'know your bank or know your mattress'

    • Tag, I think you intended to give me a lot of good information, why I don't know. If you read my post that is right before yours, my thoughts are right there. All the regular posters know who I am, a very small stock holder who likes the stock he owns, no problem right? So, I know there is a problem with the stock I own, but I read a lot and I do know that PRU is playing a big game right now, I do hope they win. And they are a fighter and I admire that. But, I honestly don't know why you told me what you did. What did you want me to know? I like to learn new things, but I have to understand the message first. Sig.

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