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  • jforuus jforuus May 23, 2013 1:05 PM Flag

    Prudential latest commerical regarding retirment planning

    Disturbing that the latest commercial on tv they are stating that people are living longer and retriment age has't been increased.

    The ad agency and Prudential management need to re-think such a campaign of mis-information.

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    • "Ad's live experiment highlights the financial challenges of living longer

      How old is the oldest person you’ve ever known?

      That’s the question Prudential asks in its new commercial that debuts nationally during pre-game coverage of Sunday’s Super Bowl and will air again during the game in the New York region and Austin, Texas.

      The commercial illustrates the financial challenges of living longer, depicting a live experiment filmed at a park in Austin. We asked 400 people to place a blue sticker on a 1,100-square-foot wall next to the age of the oldest person they’ve ever known.

      What the experiment showed is that most people have known someone who lived into their 80s, 90s or beyond—well beyond the typical retirement age. "So the question is, how are people making sure they have the money they'll need to enjoy all those years of retirement," says Colin McConnell, head of Prudential Advertising.

      “In the midst of all the entertainment surrounding the Super Bowl, we wanted to ask a meaningful question," McConnell continues. "By crowdsourcing the data rather than citing third-party sources, we hope to make the message really sink in with people and provoke them to think about their own financial challenges."

      Prudential’s new “Bring Your Challenges” Facebook page also launches on Super Bowl Sunday, as well as a website where visitors are invited to participate in a similar "virtual" experiment by dedicating a digital sticker to the oldest person they have known.

      Want to learn more about Prudential's new advertising?"

      What a joke and ask them to fire the board members who approved that commercial with a complete lie.

      Deborah Meany
      phone: 973-802-7703

    • Call and Question them


    • jforuus: Why so quiet? You're making statements and when asked for an explanation you just keep quiet. I guess you just like to keep yourself busy writing about things you have no knowledge about, otherwise you would be forthcoming with an explanation.

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      • Mailinvestor: My apologizes I didn't revisit this board till now.

        The commercial campaign was cut short if you noticed? It is no longer being aired, that should be a testament enough people called to complain.

        You should listen to it again and the fact it is they made a statement claiming the retirement age has stayed the same, which is a complete lie. The retirement age has been revised several time with a few iterations to such as the case of police persons and fire persons no longer are eligible automatically for ALL retirement benefits as they were in 1980.

        That was probably a $1M failure on the executive who approved and the board that allowed it to continue, many of us got a chuckle out of it and often refer to it as a prominent example of Corp America assuming the US Citizen is a fool and can be manipulated.

    • jforuus: You make a statement and I ask for an explanation of what you meant. Now you are quiet. Why bother writing at all? I am curious to know what you meant.

    • Which unformation is wrong? Please explain.

    • you can visit the Social Security. Please share such topics of coversation with others.

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