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  • archcrim archcrim Dec 3, 2012 10:35 AM Flag

    If SEC is suing them, then they must at least exist.....

    ....SEC should get back shareholders $$$$, IMO.

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    • In fact is this very good for NEP and the shareholders Let's explain: Before only the company was accused where now also managers and family are accused. Means that they probably (otherwise it should not be considered as fraude) have to pay back the money to the company and will get a penalty. Also based on such a classaction, shareholders will get a compensation. Suppose the compensation will be able to use the money the managers and family stole out of the company. Note that lawers indicate that for another fraude of another Chinese company (HQS) probably a compensation of 0.35$ p/s will be paid out to the shareholders.HQS is a company that can be compared with CNEP.