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  • lo_octane lo_octane Dec 3, 2012 4:25 PM Flag

    If SEC is suing them, then they must at least exist.....

    As you said, the SEC has successfully sued other companies in class-action cases, resulting in re-payments to investors. In this case, I'm curious as to CNEP's response to this. Will they just ignore the whole thing and not show up for the trial? If so, what is SEC's response? Maybe have the US property seized? Look for the whole thing to take a long time to unwind.

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    • My idea is that NEP will start up again after paying penalties to shareholders and later on a buyout of the shares (even quite soon of restart)will be done . As they will notice then OTC price will be stay around $1. (depending if they public back results and they are quite good then price can be higher).This will give them the possibility to buyout at a low price e.g.$2 and go to hong kong market where they can get a much higher price for the shares.(done already by other Chinese companies, some before fraude was detected)

    • SEC is going after the Big 5 accounting firms in China, fraudelent disclosures, maybe we have a chance to get some stolen money back!