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  • iambenjamingraham iambenjamingraham Mar 12, 2010 1:07 PM Flag

    Haveseen_how_hollow_is_his_head "DESCREDITED! right here on this very stage!!!


    Just look at his posts especially those Feb 28th at 12:42pm and 10:15.
    Whatever persecution this moron thinks he is enduring was brought upon himself by no one other than himself.
    Instant replays:

    "The truth is that this ticker will not break 15 to the upside for a long long time"

    And then the totally insane wacked out one:
    "I simply post material , that shall we say , "bothers" companies and then they contact Yahoo and then Yahoo
    contacts me and yada ,yada,yada .......and I say "fine no problem with delete" .....unless I'm going to go nuclear .

    You , my little friend have to understand there is a reason why a company goes to such lengths . An arrandement is usually reached and all ends well for all concerned , however, there have been the occasional problematic instnaces that require "special" attention

    To date I have absolutely no problems with WAC or any representative of WAC . I will , in due time , if warranted , begin to connect the dots........and then...."

    This topic is deleted.
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