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  • haveseenhallowedbethyname haveseenhallowedbethyname Mar 28, 2010 11:57 AM Flag

    Patrick Harden article on WAC

    World renowned* financial guru with over TWO years
    of experience weighs in with his commentary on WAC .
    The link below will give you entry into this amazing
    effort .

    Meantime , there is one particular sentence that I would
    like someone who owns thousands and thousands and thousands
    and thousands of shares to clarify for those of us who do
    not understand the mortgage reit sector .

    Who could this be ????? Let me think....John "Irish "
    Keeley of Notre Dame fame ?? I don't think John wants to
    font run a position that many believe he will be selling
    in the April and July quarter .

    Who's left ??? Oh my bad , of course , our own muti
    multi millionaire BENJITA !!!

    Here we go; Harden states : "Of course , over time GAAP and
    taxable income will have to converge , so there will be a point later in the cycle where GAAP income exceeds taxable income and the dividends will be cut ."

    The article :

    IMO given the portfolio of WAC with percentage of deliquencies , refis , and buy backs plus the FACT that
    WAC has sat on the 76 million with zero levering that time
    is now .

    Well , Benjita you have our attention........people this
    should be really funny . Enjoy , but don't be surprised
    if we don't receive a response until tomorrow when benjita
    seeks info from his handlers on how to answer this really
    important question .

    *why is Patsy world renowned ? This jackoff wrote the last
    positive articles on both NFI and Thornberg
    that's incredible .

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