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  • iambenjamingraham iambenjamingraham Apr 10, 2010 1:27 PM Flag

    I wish I still owned LDIS!!!


    Haveseen repeatedly criticizes my LDIS trade, so a response is now warranted.

    LDIS was a liquidation arbitrage designed for short-term high annualized profits.
    After it announced it was liquidating, I bought LDIS in May and June at $.58 to $.66.
    I sold out in early Dec at $.99.
    Haveseen, why don't you get your calculator out and figure out what the annualized return on that is??
    I was happy.
    However, the current price of $.16 (which it has been for months) is AFTER a 12/15/09 distribution of $.95. I could have sold out at the equivalent of $1.15 if I had held on just a week longer.

    The fact haveseen is unable to understand such simple things should give anyone pause about his opinion on more complicated things like WAC on which he has been wrong with every single one of his predictions and observations.

    He is in a word, pathetic.

    This topic is deleted.
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