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  • spinoffdude spinoffdude May 25, 2010 12:08 PM Flag

    Oh goody, haveseen has finally spoken


    Haveseen has issued a new prediction. Since NONE, not a single one, of his predictions has ever come true, this may be the first sign that the current panic selling is close to an end. No one has been more wrong than this flaming joy boy (Hey! We don't discriminate because of his obvious orientation).
    Look for a few other confirming signs and then act. While we have made gobs of money off this guy, it will only continue as long as he remains his reliable emotional little self. I am a bit worried that his emotions have become overwhelmed by his intense hatred of us and he may be burning out. As his utility may be waning, proceed cautiously. Nothing lasts for ever and neither will he, but it sure has been SWEET while it's lasted.
    We have made so much $$$$$$$ off him. My wife wants to take a portion of the profits and spend a month in Europe since the EU is so low. I'm going to indulge her. Thanks for making it all possible, haveseen.

    This topic is deleted.
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