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  • pvannicpa pvannicpa Jul 20, 1999 6:48 PM Flag

    13% Surprise

    Beat estimate of 15 cents, however I could never
    figure out why the analyst didn't bump up Q2 estimates
    from .15 when Q1 came in at .15

    I expect to see
    Q3 estimate to be bumped up to ~.18 and possibly see
    FY99 estimate bumped up to close to .70

    in YTD revenue. Anyone have any idea how much of
    that was related to Symphony or are we gonna have to
    wait until the annual report?

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    • is Lucent (LU), Symbol (SBL), Aironet (AIRO),
      Sierra Wireless (SW.TO) among others.

      Both Lucent
      and Symbol are more diversified companies and are not
      pure plays even if they are both well

      Aironet is a pure play but currently has shrinking
      revenues (30% drop in last two years) and is unprofitable.
      Additionally their parent company Telxon (TLXNE) has had
      problems over the last decade with sweet insider deals,
      funny bookkeeping, and no profits.

      wireless only plays in a small segment of the market.

    • >I bought Zbra with the proceeds and I am very

      Well, I'm glad you're happy. Zbra seems sensible
      enough, though I didn't look at it

      >This is so overpriced

      Yes, I know you and many
      others think it's overvalued. As you know, I don't
      believe in selling at high valuations, but when the
      fundamentals change for the worse -- or if I absolutely need
      cash for a better investment and this is the worst
      stock I have. This obviously results in lower portfolio
      turnover (and high turnover is the bane of most
      underperforming mutual funds), and removes the risk of missing
      out when your well-run company takes off. Peter Lynch
      and Warren Buffett and the Motley Fool all advocate
      this, so don't knock it.

      Heck there are plenty
      of investors and funds that don't even factor
      valuations when *buying* stock, and in fact, most
      value-oriented funds have been getting creamed by the S&P and
      growth-oriented funds the last two years.

    • Look at they released a standard
      call SWAP which is targeted to creat compatible
      products for the home. Look at the list of members. It's
      the same group that created USB. Do you consider that
      a standard??? I think so. Intel and Motorola
      invested 10 million each in Proxim for SWAP based product.
      Proxim also annouced products for SWAP.

    • Today there is "NO IEEE compliant" product today.
      Why because the specification has not been released
      from the IEEE commitee. Apple's info say's "BASED ON"
      the 802.11 IEEE. Please research the new ruling from
      the FCC regarding highspeed DS products. You'll find
      that when the true 802.11 highspeed spec is release
      those vendor with current product will not comply with
      the FCC ruling. So if you can't use the airwave you
      don't have a product.

    • going public tomorrow......

    • If prox wre valued at a healthy 3-4 times revenue
      (i.e. $20-25) these questions would be relevant. At its
      current price all you need to know is that home RF is not
      yet even a small success. Prox has lots of
      competition not to mention LU at least and that the price
      will be very competitive. This stock could drop in
      half and still be highly priced. Get out while you
      still have a profit. Nothing wil support the current

    • anyone know Proxim's biggest competitors and their stock
      symbols if they're public (MCOM is an obvious example)?


    • WittgensteinsStupidBrother WittgensteinsStupidBrother Jul 25, 1999 4:28 PM Flag

      O.k. here's my two cents.

      Apple is still
      just a small part of the universer, although Lucent
      could sell that technology to the pc world.

      understanding of the apple stuff is that it just connects you
      wirelessly to the internet and to other ibooks. No
      connection to your desktop or to printer or other
      peripherals. Is their internet sharing if you have two

      On the other hand, symphony, whatever its
      limitations and non-standard nature is a true lan with file
      sharing, internet sharing, etc. Am I missing

      Pluses for Proxim:

      It, to a limited extent, has
      become on the virtue of always winning the reviews, the
      brand name in home networking.

      But it has to
      build on this.

      I assume the investments by Intel
      and Motorola (I hope Motorola knows more about what
      they're doing than with Iridium) were for product
      development and not just as an investment.

      Proxim does
      have a high speed system coming out soon. I don't
      think the average home user cares about standards.
      Remember there are many lan standards already.

      I think must be done to counter Apple is for them
      to sign a deal to become the proprietary wireless
      lan for a major boxmaker. If they could sign a deal
      with Dell, Gateway, or the like that would blunt the
      apple issue.

      Bottom line, I have three computers
      in my home and so do many of my friends. I have only
      one printer and it's a pain to either put my print
      files on a floppy and with web pages it doesn't always
      work anyway. I have three kids and we're always
      fighting each other to get on the net. Families like mine
      are the future of home lan.

      (On the other
      hand, stocks price may be ahead of itself. Thinking
      about selling calls.)

      Appreciate any thoughts
      about any of this.

    • Boy are you missing the idea here. Proxim
      Symphony is Non-standard. User can't the same card into
      the office. Apple is based around IEEE standards and
      user can take PC into office or other locations. Also
      price comparison is apples and oranges. Apple/LU radio
      is 11 Mbps. Dive Proxim!

    • jesussavesmosesinvests jesussavesmosesinvests Jul 24, 1999 10:36 PM Flag

      Helium was up.
      Feathers were down.
      was stationary.
      Fluorescent tubing was dimmed in
      light trading.
      Knives were up sharply.
      steered into a bull market.
      Pencils lost a few
      Hiking equipment was trailing.
      Elevators rose,

      While escalators continued their slow
      Weights were up in heavy trading.
      Light switches were
      Mining equipment hit rock bottom.
      Shipping lines
      stayed at an even keel.
      The Market for raisins dried
      Coca-Cola fizzed.
      Caterpillar stock inched up a
      Sun peaked at midday.
      Balloon prices were
      Diapers remain unchanged

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