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  • smallinvstor smallinvstor Sep 9, 1999 6:10 PM Flag

    insider selling

    I checked out the website you posted Hammerhead.
    Interesting, but it doesn't appear to be an unusually active
    selling month. Looking at the rest of the year, there are
    several months with roughly the same number of sales (if
    I'm reading this right). Do you feel this is out of
    the ordinary?

    Also, where are the definitions
    for the transaction types? I assume 144 =

    Thanks in advance.

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    • time is prime...

    • >I'm sorry if this offends you, but I believe
      you are all just trying to
      >avoid my

      Frankly because it's the wrong question to ask. If you're
      looking to make a quick buck in a couple of weeks,
      *don't* use the stock market. Today is an example why.

    • In my honest opinion, in two weeks, Proxim will be unchanged at $46, give or take 20%.

    • I'm sorry if this offends you, but I believe you
      are all just trying to avoid my question. You're
      afraid to publicly disclose where you think this stock
      will go because you're afraid you will be wrong. I
      won't come out with a gun looking for you if you give
      me bad advice. I just want the honest opinion of
      someone who knows the stock better than I do. I
      understand that you're not psychics and I know the market is
      volatile, especially now. Please just give me something to
      go on. Where do you think this stock will go in the
      next couple of weeks? When does prox release its
      earnings report and is there a possibility of an earnings
      surprise?? Thank you.

    • >Is there good reason to believe this stock
      will go up in the next
      >couple of

      In my opinion, if you need the money in a couple of
      weeks, it should be in a money market or cash
      equivalent, not the stock market. Short-term price moves are
      too random to be worth trying to guess. You're better
      off learning to count cards and going to Vegas.

    • You didn't have to get smart with me. I was
      asking about potential. Is there good reason to believe
      this stock will go up in the next couple of weeks? I
      don't expect you to be psychic. I know you're not. But
      I do know that you know more about the company than
      me and I was asking for your opinion on where the
      stock will go in the next two weeks. You can either my
      question or not. Don't try to put me down.

    • Oh yes, I forgot to tell you in addition to
      knowing where a given stock will be in 2 weeks, I also
      know the name of the first baby to be born in the USA
      in 2000, the exact value of the DOW on December 4th
      at 11am, your mother's given name, and why people
      ask dumb and impossible quiestions to investment

      ---- and now for something amrginally
      Incidentally, I think proxim will eventually move upwards in
      the medium term, if only because the entire wireless
      market will grow. This will be fed by the fact that as
      we become increasingly wired, we'll want more
      constant connectivity without the hassle of wires and
      boxes. The only big if is, will proxim be the leader in
      this emerging market. So far, the future is cloudy...
      (notwithstanding my claims to psychic powers, above).

    • I can assure you with absolute 100% certainty
      that in 2 weeks the price of PROX stock will be up at
      least 8% from where it is right now. I only have such
      information occasionally, so I'm glad you asked.

    • only 12% of Cell-Loc as per the last conference
      call, so that puts ASE:CLQ worth of about C$22 mil for
      Wi-LAN. But that is not revenue, just another overvalued
      company (last 9 months revenue of $600,000 and losing
      money with 18 million shares

      "When we first invested in Cell-Loc it was a strategic
      investment very much what you described. To answer the
      simplest answer is no. We do not expect any revenue from
      future operations of Cell Lock. When we started the
      relationship that was the intention. We gave the news of our
      upper plus product for developing location tracking
      technology. And we got twenty percent of Cell Lock at the
      time which by now has diluted to about twelve percent.
      And will be about ten percent after the exercise of
      the warrant. And that is where it is now. They have
      progressed and have developed their own platform that is
      independent of our upper plus product. And more importantly
      we�re not in the manufacturing business. So we wouldn�t
      have been too happy just manufacturing and taking the
      liability of manufacturing for Cell Lock. They have now
      grown to be their own company and capable of doing
      their own product."

      As for Wireless Inc., the
      prospectus says on page F-15,
      "The fair value of the
      Company's long-term debt and investment in preferred shares
      of Wireless, Inc., could not be determined because
      no market exists for these

      Another company controlled by the "good" doctor Wi-Com
      Technologies controlles Cell-Loc. There seems to be a lot of
      incest here...

      Still, although I am not
      convinced, I will continue to monitor this company.

    • What potential does Proxim have to go up in stock
      price in the very near future? It has been fairly
      constant for the past 2 weeks with small runups and
      rundowns in between. I'm getting tired of it. I bought
      about two weeks ago thinking it would go up short term.
      Can you give me good reason to believe that the stock
      will see a sustained runup in the next couple of
      weeks? When do they release earnings and is there the
      possibility of an earnings surprise? I like the stock, but it
      is doing nothing for me.

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