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  • marvelousmarvinthroneberry marvelousmarvinthroneberry Nov 9, 1999 11:18 AM Flag

    by owning csco

    I just diversified my wireless portfolio--AIRO

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    • Cisco buys Aironet... and Proxim goes way

      If anything, I would think the ramifications of the
      deal would be negative for Proxim -- unless people
      really think Intel is going to buy a wireless company
      and now has no alternatives.

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      • CISCO's interest in AIRO is, simultaneously, an
        informed and sophisticated opinion that the sector is and
        will be a high growth sector.

        PROX is a
        formidable force in the wireless LAN sector.

        It is
        true that a rising tide lifts all ships.
        Prox will
        benefit from growth of the sector.

        I had a nice
        ride with AIRO - after experiencing that very large
        move, I bought some PROX because I felt it
        underperformed what AIRO was doing. After the morning
        announcement, I bought PROX on the opening. I do not trade -
        this is a long term committment to hold and grow as
        the wireless LAN sector grows. And I will most likely
        add to the stock.

        It helps that the stock
        broke through a double top - it is technically on its
        way for a large move.

        Because of the AIRO
        acquisition, PROX will also be a target for a takeover. It
        would appear that if AIRO is a fit with CISCO, LU (I
        would bet) will have to look at PROX.

        is invited.

      • Could it be that Airo as part of CSCO now has the
        limited horizons of a large, diversified company that
        will do great, but whose acquisition puts an upper
        limit on the price--aproximately .6 of a CSCO

        Whereas, for Prox, we now have rumor and positive

        Something: like way up on rumor, not so way up on

        Lot's of consternation and feeling ripped-off on the
        AIRO board. Posters feel sold out and missing what
        they were sure would be a two or three bagger. On the
        other hand, one poster said that AIRO and CSCO could do
        the math better than anyone, and that the price must
        be a fair estimate of AIRO's intrinsic

        Talk about insider selling by the AIRO management!