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  • tbpatter tbpatter Nov 9, 1999 5:22 PM Flag

    by owning csco

    I'm long PROX, but I really doubt LU would be
    interested in making a buyout bid. Proxim and LU have been
    in standards war for the last couple of years. Would
    they bag the whole thing just one up Cisco?

    the other hand, I think Motorola or Intel are very
    likely candidates to buy Proxim. And I do agree that
    Cisco's announcement validates, strongly, the W-LAN

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    • What if Cisco buys Prox, also? CSCO is a very
      forward thinker and mentioned the great demand for w-lan
      services. This is all pure speculation on my part and I'm
      not trying to start a rumor. I was just wondering if
      any of you thought PROX would be a good fit for CSCO?
      It would certiantly explain the upward price
      movement. BEER

    • "And I do agree that Cisco's announcement
      validates, strongly, the W-LAN marketplace."

      That is
      a critcal observation. The important development is
      the ability of wireless handsets to access data on
      the internet - PCS has one now and Nextel will
      rollout next quarter. With that ability to access the
      internet, they can also access intranet networks. There is
      increasing use of wireless within single buildings and
      campus environments. Bill Gates recently said that he
      wants the entire MSFT campus to be wireless - we are at
      the beginning of that wireless sector. That trend or
      development is clear now - the demand is here now. Hence, the
      CISCO move. PROX has a huge future. And there is enough
      food on the table for all - including competiion with
      The market will be big enough for many
      players competing with one another - although, presently,
      the comeptition is limited.

      Every handset
      manufacturor is now producing a data-wireless-handset. That is
      the reason the W-LAN sector will explode. The market
      is ready to boom.

      I accept you comment about
      MOT and INTC - but LU is not going to be denied, and
      the way to iron out a dispute is to buy PROX. LU
      wants to be #1 in all fields - there is no way in hell
      they are going to stay out of the W-LAN sector with
      the potential as large as it is going to be.

      Wireless data traffic will be larger than voice traffic in
      just a few years. The W-LAN sector will boom. PROX is
      a pure play -

      Is there another pure play
      for W-LAN?