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  • Speculare Speculare Sep 16, 2005 12:47 PM Flag

    Bad news on the way????


    >>You people are all fools...........fools fools fools......<<

    Cost to contain Saddam: (and that is still unresolved) 2000 US, and tens of thousands Iraqi, 250 Billion (that's real money Ron) and Bin Laden, Zawahiri (the 9-11 people) are still running around.

    You guys will never admit to fault. Why did we divert away from the 9-11 team? To gamble on forcing Democracy on Islam.

    This crap about fighting them there or having to fight them here falls flat. Saddam did not bomb the US, Bin Laden's group did, and the Mossad was filming it. You guys are so unaware.

    I've grown tired of explaining to every misguided militant right individual, we cannot do this or we'll fall in the process... that's what Bin Laden wants, economic collapse. Iraq was a mistake, we just wasted 250 Billion and 2000 lives on Saddam... and it's not over yet.

    China is sitting back an laughing- no need to attack, we're killing ourselves.

    >>You people are all fools...........fools fools fools.....<<

    God Damn it i'm sick of idiots and lies.

    Enough of this. \

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