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  • ebdaneill ebdaneill Nov 4, 2005 11:19 PM Flag

    Hey NEWHENEETOW, if Katagpa

    is providing a link for sarcoma patients chatroom or message board, why is he as bad as wet_my_beak. #1, is that a real sarcoma link and #2, was his statements about 573 not being mentioned frequently plus the mixed results of the drug, are those statements by Ktagpa erroneous if they are found in the link? Can you debunk his statements about the contents of the website?

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    • Thanks for the procedural knowhow...I will retain my hope that useful data will be decipherable in poster format.

    • Funda, some posters are more informative and interesting to us and to the field than proffered papers. There were more than six hundreds abstracts the conf. committee had to go through before selecting 600+ posters and 12 oral presentations. The committee might have overlooked good abstracts because abstracts would not describe informative details. On the other hand, their selection might be 'tainted' too. They say some conference organizers 'sell' spots for talk in exchange for contributions from companies (money is always tight for academic conferences). I can almost believe this practice, seeing two spots out of twelve were given to failed ISEL study of Iressa! These papers appeared to address good response for subgroups of NSCLC patients. Ariad might have contributed, but certainly would not ask for a spot. I have been a firm believer of integrity of Ariad.
      Cheers, TMI

    • So, posters aren't nearly as informative as the orals? And, correspondingly, what should we expect from the glioma poster? Many here are hoping for good info on the glioma study? Are you suggesting we shouldn't get our hopes up....that Dr. Berger's promise of "interesting" glioma results won't be supported?

    • Thanks, very clear

    • What you have here, is a very good and informed posting.

      However, I do not particulary think that a "posters" or "verbal presentations" should be viewed as a marker for validity of information being disseminated at any given presentation. It has been my experience that the reception is the true marker and even that has a number of variables.

      I applaud your posting here and find it quite insightful.


    • Thank...quite informative....very interesting points...sort of liked this one....
      .."The selection committee decides which papers deserve verbal presentation."...peace Mito

    • EB appears you answered a question with a question or you couldn't read neehee's post...i see you are a buy, yet i fear you have the wrong board...if you are looking for signs of a billion dollar molecule or a miracle cure you must go to another board ... evidently you didn't notice Ariad's 573 is for one an orphan status investigational compound treating certain sarcoma's.....These type sarcomas show only 14% improvement with the pre-existing treatments and thats sretching it.....Now would Ariad 573 show 20% or better, the science and commercial world will give the nod for the next step..If you didn't know that now you do...i guess its not as simple as a message board or chat room search...better to wait for trial results one would assume....

      Hey Eb, take a look at how the science and business world is reacting to some of the kinase news ...notice the results and the joy at reaching them.....and you probably never heard of either trial, no scuttlebut on the net... nothing..go figure eh!...P.S... PFE's Stutent (multi kinase inhibitor} just relaesed current good p3 news. This is of iinterest to us 464 followers and surely Ariads scientists are also following kinase findings carefully! - peace-Mito

      "Phase 3 trials of two multi-kinase inhibitors against cancer
      Medindia Breakthrough In Focus July 14, 2005, 11:13:45 AM

      Sorafenib and stutent multi-kinase inhibitors against cancer are undergoing phase 3 trials and these two drugs gained more appreciation in this years ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology) conference. These drugs are gaining interest due to itheir multiple mechanism of action � known as Multi-kinase inhibitors. These drugs are in trial against different types of cancer and are found to be very effective. These two multi targeted oncology drug candidate are small molecules named Sorafenib (Bay43-9006) and stutent (SU11248).

      Sorafenib is produced by Onyx pharmaceuticals of California collaborating with Bayer pharmaceuticals of Connecticut and Stutent by Pfizer of New York city. Both these drugs are undergoing phase 3 trials.

      Results of the study show that Sorafenib in advanced kidney cancer patients taking the drug lived twice as long as that placebo. Gleevec (imatinib) resistant gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GIST) were much less likely to progress in patients taking stutent versus those on placebo." -since these releases PFE issued more good news (in endpoint context) with stutent...

      Eb ...some of us are watching and investing in the slow but sure progress of science...Ariad 573's "end points" are clear..if you are looking for a miracle...can't blame ya, they happen all the time and ya don't always find em in a chat room!...Now if Ariads 573 will or will not reach the "end points" is a fair question...i won't know until the upcoming disclosures..we do know one patient was in complete remission and many others have shown can doubt and bash away all one wants thats must not however suggest some divination about 573's recent effectiveness in context to already established "endpoints" unless one has inside info. But if someone is making false and poorly hidden insinuations...then Neehee's response to that poster is quite clear!....i do hope my answer to your question created some questions!

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