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  • mikhail_gorbachev_1 mikhail_gorbachev_1 Mar 15, 2009 6:48 PM Flag

    Remember, HARVEY BERGER was ranked as a runner up as the WORST BIOTECH CEO in 2008

    Institutional investors do not take that lightly. The ATGI screw up by HARVEY BERGER and the addition 400,000 stock options aquired by HARVEY BERGER AFTER a 35% shareholder dilution proves that he has ZEO regared for existing shareholders. Any Questions???

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    • Yes, who the f. are you comrade, who is your paymaster, and why can't you find something more interesting to bray about than the hackneyed, tiresome, overused ad-nauseam shit that you and you fellow bashers dump on this board about Dr.Berger.

      We have three world class molecules, developed by Ariad scientists, under Dr.Berger's leadership. Any or all of the three may turn into blockbuster oncology drugs, and some save thousands of lives, and some anonymous garbage basher(s) keep barking about Dr.Berger.

      What have you done for humanity lately, SCUM GARBAGE??????

    • Attention All Hands:

      Berger is the only sitting Board member up for election this year.

      This is a great opportunity to throw the incompetent buffoon off the Board and out on his ass.

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      • Harvey was runner up in one poll but actually "WON" the Worst CEO in another. I'm sure the Board factored all this in when rewarding him with such a large increase in stock. His achievement was even recognized the following BioWorld artcle.

        Worst CEO of the Year: Harvey Berger, Ariad Pharma

        Let's see . . . destroyed shareholder value and drove share price to penny-stock territory? Check. Company now worth less than tangible assets despite some promising science? Check. So disliked that four independent board members quit in December over what they described as Berger's "self-interested, combative and obstructionist actions . . . [and] manipulative conduct"? Check. Accused of subverting shareholders in a self-interest deal to acquire the remainder of Ariad Gene Therapeutics on terms favorable to himself? Yep, that should do it.

      • Goodbye Huan or whoever your other names are. Probably Miami girl.

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