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  • mikhail_gorbachev_1 mikhail_gorbachev_1 Mar 16, 2009 7:55 PM Flag

    Oh, did you see the SEC filing tonight, where Berger redefined the board of Directors again??

    consolidating power again. Reminds me of Putin.

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    • Listen Comrade MIKI!

      1.Putin is a fascist KGB thug,
      2.Dr.Berger is running a scientific enterprise that will save lives and reduce human suffering, and're a dumb a.hole for making such a moronic comparison!

      • 1 Reply to newhehneetow
      • Thanks, Newheh... You tell 'em! 'Good post, as usual. Keep up the good work, Newheh...

        Ariad's science is what we need. The world needs it. It is being tested around the world as we wait. Ariad's science will be vindicated. Good medicine will result. People's lives will improve and suffering from cancer will cease. We need it. I am for it.

        Go Aria! Very soon we all shall see the fine results of the various small molecules.

        Good day,


    • Why?

      Now why would Harvey not want to nominate his own new slate of additions to the board? That would surely increase his supporters and votes. OK, let's imagine old Harvey has been apprised of some rumbling from major holders of Ariad that they want some changes made as a result of the past events. Now if old Harvey proposed a list of new additions to the board to be voted (i.e., confirmed) on at this year's annual meeting, and again I'm free-associating here, but then in steps one or more of the major stock holders that perhaps are not too happy with the way Harvey has been conducting buisness and they propose to nominate a minority slate of their choice. What would be the outcome? A challenge to Harvey's control? This has happened to other biotechs recently. Amylin to name one. There is always ORBIMED or BVF, both of whom are Ariad shareholders and both have not been shy about making their opinions known about the direction of biotechs they are invested in. As an example of OrbiMed in action,this is from 2005, "Nasdaq and SWX: BMRN) announced today that it has entered into a settlement agreement with OrbiMed Advisors and its affiliated funds withrespect to the election of directors at the BioMarin 2005 Annual Meeting ofStockholders. Under the terms of the agreement, the BioMarin slate of nominees forelection at the 2005 annual meeting will consist of Jean-Jacques Bienaime,
      Franz L. Cristiani, Elaine J. Heron, Pierre Lapalme and Erich Sager, all of whom currently serve on the Board of Directors, as well as Joseph Klein, IIIand Alan J. Lewis for election at the 2005 annual meeting. OrbiMed Advisors and its affiliated funds have agreed to vote their shares in favor of these nominees and to terminate their solicitation of proxies. In addition, following the 2005 annual meeting, BioMarin will appoint an additional director to the Board that is reasonably acceptable to OrbiMed. "We are pleased to have reached an agreement that addresses OrbiMed's concerns and enables the Company to move forward on behalf of all shareholders," Jean-Jacques Bienaime, Chief Executive Officer of BioMarin commented. "We now can collectively focus on realizing our objective of firmly establishing BioMarin as a leader in the biopharmaceutical industry." Pierre Lapalme, Chairman of the BioMarin Board of Directors added, "If elected by the shareholders, Mr. Klein and Mr. Lewis will bring valuable experience and expertise to the Board and we think that their participation will contribute significantly to helping the Board assist management in making important strategic decisions." "We believe that this agreement represents a great result for all BioMarin shareholders and that the new nominees will significantly strengthen the Board," said Samuel D. Isaly, Managing Partner of OrbiMed Advisors. "We were
      pleased to see the recent selection of Mr. Bienaime as the new CEO ofBioMarin, and we will support each of these nominees to the Board of Directors in the upcoming election and thereafter," Mr. Isaly added."

      Could a certain CEO be hearing footsteps coming up behind him?

    • At the press conference he held in Dec to explain why 4 directors had resigned, Berger said he would might not replace all four director but would probably fill at least two of the seats. So, once again we have more Berger BS.

      Here's a suggestion for everyone that thinks this is just more Berger bashing. STOP WHINING!!! The problem isn't with the messengers. The problem is Berger's continual screw ups.

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