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  • liontrade2000 liontrade2000 May 22, 2013 11:58 AM Flag

    Big guys in action: move quickly and large volume !

    We are going to hit new high very soon

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    • And again big guys see The similarity between ARIA and ONYX, stock move fast in large volume

    • Agreed,..ARIA at two important stock conferences, starting Tuesday.
      Very promising.
      Finished Post anything on this Board as well. Too many "nuts" lacking in objectivity. Those of us who are well informed are also generally well intention ed,..much to the chagrin of those not in this category.
      To the objective ,.."GL". The nut jobs,.."go intercourse thyself".
      GLTAL. ARIA will be a blue chip in about a year or less. Sale are going thru the roof already.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • and again the big guys rushed to the STREET collecting ARIA gold coins, left the sellers behind with $200 in hand and wet pants.

    • This is EXACTLY the market manipulation we're been alluding to. If you know what's happening you can do very well. Here we have hedge funds that have brought the PPS down to a cheaper level, now it flies upward, then they will short again, up again, short again. News is about to break on this Stock, obviously insider info.It must be good.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 3 Replies to dfaduke
      • That is why the losers are the retail investors who follow the shorties selling at the last minute when the stock is in the lowest point, where the hedge fund are gobbling them up and retail investors
        will buy back again when it is already at the highest point and the profiteers are already selling.

      • Atta boy, Dukey!! Glad to see you are keeping up your frank and candid posts. This latest one is very interesting!!

        "Reply to Blacks murder tens of thousands each year. by crombola19040 •17 hours ago
        dfaduke • 17 hours ago Flag

        FBI stats,...if you doubt this you can check it out at FBI Website.Blacks are approx. 16% of total U.S population, yet they account for 78% of ALL violent crime in the U.S.
        Check it out. Oh yes, they like to vote multiple times to make sure to keep da' bro' in office and keep dat' wefair'..."

        You also need to elaborate on another of your candid messages. Tell us more about his conspiracy with the Brotherhood.

        " Reply to Wonder when the Mullah’s in Egypt will start blowing up the Pyramids? by andym_30054 •May 18, 2013 5:29 AM
        dfaduke • May 18, 2013 2:22 PM Flag
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        The tanks, money and ammo Obuma gave them will cause a huge number of Allied casualties. Think Obuma thought about that. We do, but the "muuuuzzzlim brudderhood" is more important to him."

      • Dukey Boy, maybe it is "them" acting up because they did not get their way. Will this be followed by riots, theft, killings and fires? Please continue talking about "them" and how bad Obama is. That maybe why pps go up down down up. Easy to see you very smart man with much time to post 20-30 times per day on all boards.

        Don't forget that Dr. Yitzakh Colon help diarrhea mouth. You want his phone number?

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