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  • bsegal73 bsegal73 Oct 12, 1999 9:51 AM Flag

    this ship isn't sinking yet...

    the shorts better start covering!!!!!!!!

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    • you sound much better i'm glad that you still own
      some shares.
      your input is allways welcome. I'm
      sure if you poll everyone on this board they would
      agree that your posts are welcome. Stay around and have
      some fun, life is to short.

    • Not to worry, I still have a nice position
      Ariad. Maybe it was bad Karma earned for
      saying I was
      going to fly back east and let
      the air out of
      Berger's tires--or that I'd
      sit in the front row at the
      annual meeting
      and scowl <g>. Part of life--I
      wasn't half
      as upset yesterday as the day my Cat
      It's only money, and after a few weeks off
      mental reconditioning and I'll be back on
      threads, other ideas. I'm already looking...
      ARIA will
      do better without my all to frequent
      anyway. I tell you one thing though--it
      doesn't do any good to criticize folks.
      monitoring the threads and my posts would
      have suspected
      I was finally bailing, a small bit
      encouragement at the last second could have saved
      me a lot
      of heartache, sniffle. Of course
      part of the game
      is shaking out all the weak hands,
      for me
      maximum pain was fifty cents--just a fluke.

      Now I
      definately have to take my bad vibes
      away from here. If
      anybody wants to chat by email
      here is that
      I'll probably pop in time to time, but the
      are a better resource than I ever was--and I'm
      that they'll be in a much better mood these days,

      gosh, Pirkkal is positively radiant! Good luck folks.

    • I know we are not supposed to get emotional about
      stock trading, but I feel for you. Most of us have been
      there, and will be there again. Thanks for your generous
      contributions of yourself and your experience on this board. I
      would only suggest separating the pain from the wisdom
      gained. I hope for the sake of peotic justice (2 other
      things to avoid in trading) that you make your money
      back on ARIA's new lease on life. -B

    • Anybody know how much Ariad invested in
      the genomics center?

    • is not important anymore--as I said before,
      new batch of folks will gradually take over
      thread, probably time for some new blood
      anyway. While
      things were going badly I was a
      pretty good
      detective, made a pretty good case at
      times for buying
      this one, and buying and buying--
      freak events like
      finally flipping out and selling
      at the precise bottom
      are unlikely, but it happens.
      Maybe another
      McFarland in a slightly different
      universe, offset by 24
      hours, is raking it in, heheh.

      The best thing
      about an experience like this Wall
      Street cant take
      away--I'll probably do better
      with my next stock. The bad
      things: Okay, I did
      my share of useless bickering here
      as well, money
      makes reasonable people into fools
      and we all suffer
      fools badly. I just hope not too
      many folks followed
      my lead and bailed this past
      week--now that would
      really make me feel sick (although
      not as sheepish
      as the pessimists who typed
      messages at me over on
      the various SI threads these
      past weeks).

      Like a few other stocks that have
      got the best
      of me, a reasonably sized position is
      across the felt to the side of the table
      to my drink--some chips you never trade in and
      batch of Ariad shares joins the likes of
      Neuroscience--some stocks just refuse
      to be traded...and (gasp)
      even a stock from outside
      of the biotech
      universe--you should probably have
      positions that are
      investments which you can never trade.

    • of cash/burn. NOT only 12 months as skatefriday
      Now ARIA will have the opportunity to succeed
      or fail based on its science. As a biotech investor,
      we can't ask for much more than that.
      Some of you
      may remember that I wrote roughly 6 months ago that
      ARIA would be sold to HMR. I was generally laughed @.
      Well @ least I was 50% correct. The 2 companies could
      not come to an agreement on terms for the entire

      ARIA is now only trading @ about half of its cash on
      hand. This is CRAZY! Not only is their science valued @
      zero, but so is half of ARIA's cash. This stock will
      continue to go up.

      In addition, there will be a big
      gene-therapy partnership announced later this quarter.
      Percentage-wise ARIA will increase dramatically this year.

    • Most importantly, this deal gives the company
      enough money to pay for Berger's dismissal.

      sorry about your misfortune. You shouldn't listen to
      your wife! Why don't you consider buying more? After
      all, how much do you think Ariad should be worth with
      the cash influx and ARGENT?

    • 24 hours, but I think the stock price still
      doesn't reflect how good the news was. Yesterday, this
      company seemed to be broke; today, it's not (at least for
      a year or so). That's great. Moreover, this news
      gives Ariad time (maybe even enough for current
      management) to find partners to develop ARGENT.

      is now a company that has a good deal of cash (at
      least for a biotech), splendid pre-clinical results
      that seem to be applicable to several indications that
      are presently multi-billion dollar markets, and the
      breathing room to make some good deals. One part of its
      technology (the dimerizer) has passed phase I.

      million seems like a low market cap for all that.

    • After I read that post I had to go get a beer too :(
      I haven't been around that long and must have missed most of the fun.

    • Nice to get some sympathy--I even
      slightly guilty spammin' up the thread
      with this stuff,
      hehheh (that's a forced
      laugh...hard to laugh at
      anything today).
      It's really such a pathetic story it's
      funny--if only...

      No, there is a lesson in
      here--never take too
      large a position in any one stock, as
      as you may try, emotion gets in the way of
      trades, you move your stops around, you
      yourself, you double down--every mistake
      in the book.
      And then one day you snap, and
      the Wall Street
      boogeyman gets his cut.

      What a shame...a whole box
      of articles, annual
      reports--and literally every
      snippet of stuff I
      could find off the internet on this
      one--and it
      all boiled down to a hard lesson on how
      work against you, a rough deal.

      1. Don't fall
      in love with a stock, she'll only
      break your
      heart. 2. Don't move your stops.
      3. Only play with
      house money (crap! half the
      house money is
      gone--maybe I'd better quit now?)

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