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  • steviethepatriot steviethepatriot Dec 6, 2012 7:55 PM Flag

    razorcrease - the return of steviethepatriot

    Dear Razor,
    Thanks for remembering the old days. Alas, your post was spot on as our British friends say and it is all true. I believed SDIX would soar into the heavens and I would spirit the fair Gabby away to eternal bliss and ecstasy in the garden spot of the world, Gary, Indiana. But it was not to be. After suffering the slings and arrows of an never ending army of corporate imbeciles, I was apprehended for my rosy scenario posts relating to SDIX's potential stock appreciation and put in a SEC witness protection program. I was relocated to Yuma, Arizona and toiled as a pin spotter in a multiculturally sensitive bowling alley under the nom de guerre, Juan Gottlieb. For lo these many years, I've remained in obscurity & pined for my lost love, Gabby and my lost money, SDIX.
    Two IMPORTANT questions for you, Razor, my brother.
    Acknowledging that your recent post is (sadly) 100% correct, isn't SDIX a BUY here?
    4 options:
    1) Liquidation value...more than current price.
    2) If GAT is worth anything, Becker can sell and, as you say, "walk away." They did sell water and & food least they have proven they can sell business units if not products.
    3) Becker & friends take it private, the most likely scenario. (Becker bought 804,000 shares around midyear at $1.18 and somebody, probably Becker bought 650,000+ on Tuesday & Wednesday at $1.05
    4) Becker and friends will not keep running this dog and lose cash every quarter. It won't happen.
    So, an event is coming up. Isn't SDIX FINALLY a BUY at $1.05?
    Second question....
    If I'm right, do I have a chance of getting Gabby back?
    If I'm wrong again, it's back to pin spotting, probably in Juarez.
    Wish me luck, Razor,
    Your friend from the old day, steviethepatriot.