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  • pumpjackie33469 pumpjackie33469 Apr 8, 2013 8:52 PM Flag

    They sold

    for basically what money they had in the rabbit/mice antibodies collection facilities. Their science, as a previous post pointed out, got squat! No wonder Klaus jumped ship in September. Was board member Steve Becker a facilitator in this transaction, covering his lost with a vested interest in Origene? Inquiring minds would like to know!

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    • Becker is a joke. He oversaw this company being run into the ground by incompetent management and did nothing about it. He also misrepresented the reasons for selling off the other assets. The other divisions were supposedly sold to concentrate on their core business, then this was liquidated for virtually nothing ($0.70 per share!). I'm voting NO to the sale with my 20K shares. Attorney's will be hovering all over this.

    • It's truly a VERY sad day in SDIX's history. We have all long been lead to believe that this company had great technology, weather it was water, antibodies, food (you get the idea!) so now when the final verdict is in (they have sold everything!) we're left with little more than a $1.00 (ok, maybe $1.40 if we're lucky!). The only way to have made money here is was by trading the stock.. LT investors would have been killed. So now as they board and management try to figure out what to do with the $30+M they will have at the end of the day, the question is whether they can screw it up further.. They need to return the whatever money is left to the shareholders in an as expeditious manner as possible. There probably is some value for the shell too so maybe they can somehow monetize that.

      Good luck to all as here at $1.00 and change may very well be the last trading opportunity you see.. Hard to think 25% isn't worth it given where the markets are likely heading.

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