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  • smaycs4 smaycs4 Jun 26, 2013 5:05 PM Flag

    Pro-forma equity/net cash at 3/31= $27,166 or 1.265 per share

    What we dont know is exactly how much they will "burn" between 3/31 and 7/11.

    I hope its not more than $1.5 million.

    That would leave about $1.1955.

    In the meantime, Tax loss selling as everyone and their brother looks to sell & realize their losses.

    Im guessing the shares could trade down to 60-70 cents which would probably be a buying opportunity.
    But, sometime after mid august, I presume the insider trading window would open and allow Becker to buy more.
    His buying, if he buys more, could mitigate the tax loss selling.

    But, he couldnt buy while in possession of material nonpublic information. So IF he has a deal in mind and is working on it, he wouldnt be able to buy if he wanted. So we would be left in the dark, with tax loss selling & no insider buying.

    Then we have to estimate a burn rate going forward. Hopefully no more than 1 cent per quarter.

    So 6 months after the deal closes, assuming no merger we could be left with about $1.175 per share, a public shell and Beckers deal making abilities.

    Im optimistic about the longer term but in the near term, I fear tax loss selling could take us a good bit lower.

    Ive ignored most of the posters here who clearly have an axe to grind. I do not question Beckers integrity.

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