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  • extremejim extremejim Jul 8, 2013 2:48 PM Flag

    Is anyone else wondering...

    ...whether Becker-Drapkin has some sort of acquisition to announce shortly after they confirm that the vote to sell the remaining diagnostics assets received an affirmative vote of a majority of shareholders?

    I noticed that the "boilerplate" section of the proxy filing kept mentioning over and over that they anticipate NASDAQ will move to delist the stock--not because they'll no longer meet the market cap or number of shareholders qualifications, but because the company will no longer be involved in an actual business. ("Shell" companies can trade on the OTC Bulletin Board, but not on the Global Market.) However, it takes from 60-90 days for the delisting process to run its course, and if, within that time window, using the cash they were to acquire an actual business to operate, then they could keep the listing and move forward in some other business. Or maybe use a reverse merger with a private company to provide the other entity with a path to going public, and end up owning shares of the new public entity.

    Based on watching the way these guys operate elsewhere, I just thought it was worth speculating with a few thousand shares, and wondered if anyone else was thinking similar thoughts. There has been no insider trading in more than two months, so it's not precluded by obvious advance knowledge of a material non-public event.

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    • My guess is they wont have a deal in time to avoid being delisted.

      Its more important to get the right deal than the quick one.

      Wouldnt be surprised if it takes 6-9 months after the deal closes for them to find something to merge with.

      Id like it if it was sooner. But it could even be 12-24 months.

      Getting a new listing after a merger probably isnt that big of a deal. So my guess is we get delisted and then relist after merging with some money making business.

      Maybe Becker would prefer that it takes time so he can buy up cheap shares after the delisting, but prior to any inkling of a deal ?

      My plan is to buy more as it goes lower...if it goes lower.

      I trust Becker to do a deal where they get some value out of their tax assets.

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      • I'm assuming they have already been working on the deal so it can be closed before the delisting can take effect. Perhaps they've convinced Larry Flynt to go public, and cash in like Zuckerberg did. That's the one private company where they could monetize the ticker, provided the public would read the "S" as "stiff," rather than "small." Say, we get one share in the new SDIX for every 10 we hold, but it opens at $55, with no lockout? I could vote for that.

    • stillbullishafteralltheseyears stillbullishafteralltheseyears Jul 8, 2013 5:01 PM Flag

      My (hopeful) guess is that they roll a privately held company into the SDIX shell, one that can take advantage of the tax loss carryforward. Then they distribute any excess cash to shareholders. The distribution of cash to shareholders , if it occurs, could come before the private company "buys" the SDIX public listing.

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