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  • uptabdowntab uptabdowntab Mar 5, 2014 4:28 PM Flag

    Hi smay, saw your

    mention of SDOI over on the SPDC board. I am entriqued (sp?) by this weird company. Lots of cash.....but what do they do? and why does BD keep buying? I admit to only having spent about 30minutes looking at it, so if you can tell me something obvious that I'm missing it would be greatly appreciated.

    I also like what BD does, they seem to be brighter than most and stick with their plans. I also sold some SPDC today.

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    • Its an empty shell with cash per share roughly equal to the share price. Plus some NOLs.

      BD will eventually merge something into SDOI and hopefully when they do the stock price will go up.

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      • And what Becker-Drapkin will merge into it, I'm guessing, will be Navarre Distribution Services, after they use the cash from selling their interest in SPDC to buy NDS. They already got Speed Commerce to move NDS to Texas FOR them. No doubt somewhere within their list of projects, B-D has a company that would gain by adding an in-house fulfillment capacity, and that will be the next step, to fold this into that, or that into this, if it would make it easier to then monetize the NOL's.

        The reason I've started buying SPDC again is that 1) It's bargain-priced, and 2) All it will take for it to shoot off like a rocket is in the june ER, a) announce the sale of NDS, b) confirm the continuation of the trend of 150% year-to-year growth in the top line of their continuing ops, and c) guide for 12-15 cents EPS for their FY 2015 continuing ops. Jay complains that Willis never talks about profits, only EBITDA, and he is correct as far as he goes, however, his EBITDA forecasts have established a solid track record of "under-promise and over-deliver," and he will thus have credibility when he DOES talk about profit for the first time, in the first week of June.

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