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  • smaycs4 smaycs4 Jul 26, 2014 6:32 AM Flag

    $1.188 book value at 3/31 approx 6.5 cents per year burn rate.

    They burned $340k last quarter.

    Sounds like they will get getting $250k more from a settlement in May.

    So the concern is them burning cash before they find a merger.

    I would hope they would be able to burn less going forward.

    But, it appears our CEO is earning in the $290k a year range and the CFO about $252k.

    Both seem to high for me as the company has no business.

    I guess the next 10q will be around Aug 15th.

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    • They also have about $0.80/sh tax loss carryforwards.

      • 1 Reply to davetho2001
      • I thought it was less than that.

        But NOLs and a potential deal are whats interesting here.

        Becker Drapkin hasn't bought since Feb so Im inclined to think they aren't buying more.

        And maybe that's good. Maybe they are not allowed because they have material non public info ?

        We could get a pop when a deal is announced. The downside is nothing could be announced for 6-12 months and there is a small possibility they buy something that shareholders don't really care for.

        Its a bet on Becker Drapkins ability to do something with this "shell".

        I think they will. When is the question.

    • Who do you think is accumulating shares and why? In the last week or so there's been three 40k plus days and 2 days over 100k. That's a lot for a stock with average daily volume in the teens. I haven't seen any news short of the Murray McCabe director announcement. Maybe Becker-Drapkin buying more?

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