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  • ustapen ustapen Mar 26, 2010 12:48 PM Flag

    Topping action and soon it will roll over

    What else would one expect? As soon as all short players are in the price will start dropping always.

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    • the problem is the "when" never is what you think it is.

      I lost my entire fortune shorting Apple and US steel back 2 1/2 years 4 months before the crash ago ieon one and 11 months too early on the other - I have $1.8 million in capital losses on my tax return I cant write off unless I marry someone with a corresponding capital gains and I sold my house on March 15 and had to move into a one bed one bad apt from a 6 bedroom 4/12 bath in the bay area of California.

      you might be totally right - but if your timing is off - they will make you pay for it. I did.

      I cant short this - my brokerage account doesnt allow me margin, or options anymore - in fact I need every penny to survive these days.

      but my addiction to stocks made me come back after being absent for 2 years - due to desperation need to get a winner to be able to survive longer until I can find another six figure job - ive been told I am over qualified and it wouldnt be a challenge for me in so many final interviews after beating out hundreds of candidates that I am so demoralized I had to come on this board to make a joke about the cortchless yoga wear and baby boomer yoga lifstyle - just need a few jokes to laugh thru my pain and misery.

      meantime better stay out of stocks altogether - wish someone could give me a Real winning tip for a stock that will either go up or down and be right on the tinming so I can make a few more months rent

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