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    Ben ic corrupt, SEC is corrupt..Obama leading

    the the bubble in this nation.

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    • I understand that. I will if necessary. It is all pure speculation based upon free money for institutions to gamble. But, Ben isn't going to give the market the continued crack it craves. He is really smart and now that all if the developed countries and banks are awash in liquidity, he can let the air out and the devaluation/deflation cycle kick in. Investors will be rewarded and speculators crushed because consumer spending will be stagnant for years. 60 multiples are headed to the teens...

    • Well you may have to wait for a long time then. I've been hearing this negativity surrounding LULU for the past two years atleast.

    • That is was wrong then is a matter of historical record. I'm not a trader. I will ride it up and keep adding. The mere fact that the bubble has inflated more is a temporary delay because the European "solution" empowered the institutions to squeeze the crap out of shorts before dumping it on fools...

    • You are the same idiot who posted lulu was going to drop like a rock 6 months back. Guess what stupid, it is trading at all time high today. You were wrong then, and you are wrong now. So take your dumb theory elsewhere.

    • It's amazing how inaccurate auto correct can alter a post. acting, not dating... able to not ability... I gotta turn that "feature" off...

    • That was meant to be without. LTRO and LTRO2 are ability suffieicient liquidity to maintain stability as the deflationary cycle kicks in... flame retardant if you will to prevent the profced sale of underwater assets from dating as an accelerant in a devaluation fire sale...

      This was the mini rally within a 10-20 year deflationary cycle in Western/high income countries.

      I'll bet all the brilliant growth investors currently gloating will be silent in a year when LULU's stock price falls precipitously as rev growth and earnings slow and the stock gets crushed...

    • Rising rates will be a function of a view on stability, but bullishness. All of the liquidity is simply being pumped on both sides to preemptively avoid a disastrous disorderly deflationary cycle from insufficient liquidity. Now, banks and others will gradually deleverage with a self reinforcing asset fire sale. But, the market WILL NOT be the place to be because real incomes in the US will continue to slide.

      I predict more QE will not happen unless there is a massive shock that sends it tumbling. From here on, the system is well enough capitalized and liquid to unwind in a more orderly fashion. In the meanwhile, LULU will face a customer segment with contuously declining incomes (high end service sector is going to be primary loser in the next decade).

      I may he a little ahead of time, but it is coming... markets are misreading the state of play.

    • Rates rising are bullish- you are a fool. When rates start rising this world saddled in mounds of debt will start crumbling. This is the feds way of exiting the housing bubble just as the housing bubble was the solution to the dot com bubble. I'm glad you're profiting but don't be naive thinking this won't end badly. When china has no use for us and stop buying our debt then there will be serious trouble. They have been hoarding resources for years now and one day it will happen.

    • I will re-post my reply to you.

      When it comes to trading or investing, you have to build your own conviction. You do that by listening to yourself and doing your own research. You will see a lot articles, or media people (CNBC), or hedge fund managers providing their views. If they are short, they come out on CNBC and say negative things, if they are long, they will put a positive spin. You can't really trust any one but yourself. I am long LULU since $27, I remember buying the shares in February of 2010. This has been the best investment aside from BIDU where I am long since $130 pre-10:1-split.

      Bottom line: Do your homework and build your conviction. You will never go wrong.

      Good Luck !

    • Do you think, it is a buy here or not. BIDU went from $165 to $110 last time. BIDU is out of my reach.

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