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  • magiv_hegyoni magiv_hegyoni Mar 8, 2012 2:35 PM Flag

    75 before earnings.

    Who care
    technically LULU is buy
    fundamental and logic is not in our casino!!!
    even so the money is not our

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    • People have been saying how overvalued it was when it was at $15 (split adjusted); same stories; new traders taking shots at it.

      They think it is just a retailer.

      A little research (or maybe a lot of research) will tell you it is an emerging athletic brand for women. That is the story! If are not aware of that, then it will frusterate you as wonder how an "overvalued" stock keeps going higher; then the conspiracy theories, "manipulation by market markets" etc.... will pop up into shorts' minds.

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      • No offense but you didn't make a single concrete argument that supports why this stock should be even more richly valued than it is now. The "magic" of a new brand doesn't pay the bills at the end of the day. There are real constraints that businesses operate in, lulu is no exception. So you can hand wave all you want but 10B market cap for a specialty retailer that sells high end athletic gear with no competitive moat whatsoever is not exempt from the same laws the apply to other retailers and "brands". Nike is a brand. 2x sales, lower growth of course. Coach is a high end brand, also richly valued but looking cheap compared to lulu here.

        So without the "you just don't get it" please explain it to me and others how this isn't any different than AMZN circa 1999. I remember living through that entire bubble and thinking how insane it was to watch YHOO or SUNW rise 5% or more every single day, thinking it couldn't be real. Well, it wasn't, and neither is this IMHO. So please, tell me why I'm wrong and why this stock goes to $15B in the next year.

        I'm listening....

    • Yeah technically it is but at some point that's going to change and when it does look out below. But yeah, problem is this market can remain irrational longer than I can remain solvent :-) 3 months and no correction whatsoever.. VIX near all time lows (last I checked). Perhaps I'm being foolish and fighting the Fed who won't allow stocks to go down under any circumstance, even yoga pant sellers trading at 12x sales and at a premium to even other premium high end brands.

      All in for higher prices Bubbleonians! This isn't a market it's a casino.

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