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  • onepoint272 onepoint272 Apr 27, 2012 6:49 PM Flag

    DECK gave a glimpse of what could happen

    Sorry, have to set the record straight:

    F = MA is Newton's second law. Force has english units of: foot-lbm/second^2 or just lbf; in SI units: Kilogram-meters/second^2 or just Newtons for short.

    Momentum is Mass x Velocity and has units of foot-lbm/second or kilogram-meters/second.

    So, a mass moving at a constant velocity does not exert a force. Only when the mass accelerates does it exert a force. For example when you're driving down the road at a constant speed you have momentum but you do not feel a force. However, if you accellerate you feel the equal and opposite force, another of Newtons laws, setting you back against the seat.

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