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  • spaceturtle9000 spaceturtle9000 Jan 14, 2013 7:57 PM Flag

    LULU "bulls" I got one question..

    I don't trade LULU or even really care about it. Did you guys really think LULU would sell billions of $ worth of yoga stuff. Seriously say that out loud SELLING BILLIONS OF $s WORTH OF YOGA STUFF. Now ask yourself how many people do I know do yoga regularly enough to pay $75 to $120 for yoga pants. Now if you got yoga pants hold them up in one hand then hold up a pair of sweat pants in the other. Say out loud these yoga pants cost $75 then say these sweat pants cost $20. While your doing that think about common sense. Think why the hell did I just buy a $75 pair of sweat pants. Why the hell would I think that LULU could sell billion of these. COMMON SENSE.Thats why LULU missed sorry guys.

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    • Women wear these to go shopping for coach bags and all that #$%$. Maybe a few for Yoga/
      If they pay 200-400.00 for everyday shoes they easily fork out 75 for yoga pants.
      If you have a product women or children want your golden! they are the spenders! Get it?
      They do look pretty awesome on some women :)

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    • spaceturtle9000 is obviously a male, and trying to address male investors... and yes, a guy would rather pay $20 for a pair of sweat pants than a pair of crotch hugging tights that make them look ridiculous just to join a local yoga class. But female are a different beast all together! Their clothing , makeup and accessories budget could be as high as their car and mortgage payment per month, and rather skim on food. Anything that makes them feel slimmer, shapely and more attractive is worth the money. Sweat pants is for lounging around the house when you are not going out or treated as sleep wear, unless you are FAT already and wants to wear loose and baggy pants to cover up, which is a different story. Bottom line, buying LULU pants are never about the cost for the ladies, which is LULU's biggest demographics - it turns out the pants are excellent quality, and makes them look good at the same time, to the point they wear them everywhere, treat them well.

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      • Totally agree. If you have a product that people want and makes them feel good about themselves, they are willing to buy it. If this was for guys, we would take the sweatpants. But since it's not, LULU is a great stock with turbo charged growth. We have a great buying opportunity in the next few days. I am tempted by this

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      • I partially disagree with you. Your comments made me remember what I should have written in my earlier post. I am beginning to see men wear Lulu lemon stuff in gyms etc and there are definitely more guys in their stores so they have crossed that critical demographic line as well! In essence, their addressable market has expanded!

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    • craw9994 Jan 14, 2013 10:10 PM Flag

      The bulls do not want to see what is evident. A glorified clothing store with a stock value of a conglomerate.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Lulu sells more than just yoga stuff but general sports clothes like running gear etc
      The attraction of Lulu is that it has barely began its global expansion, something like 75% of their stores are in N AMerica and they just only open or plan to open shops in Hong Kong, London etc. ...The world is really theirs for the taking
      Long term, this is very strong story
      They have also been very successful in moving sales to an online model! Margin friendly

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I completely disagree with everything you're saying, but man, you're funny.

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      • Get out of here. If a company like Coach with 4x earnings and double the cash and a dividend to boot is trading at just 60% more than this POS, then clearly this is overvalued. It grew 700% in the last 6 years or so, can you really say it can continue to grow? At what point do rational minded investors say forget this, the risk is too much compared to the reward.

        It took Nike 20 years to reach a 20B market cap. Lulu has somehow achieved 40% of the value based on what? A pair of pants that you somehow believe peole in china want to buy? C'mon, it doesn't translate.

        Women are much more rational outside of the US and canada. I say rational in compariso to women here, but all women are clearly irrational. You guys are nuts.


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