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  • randysandow randysandow Jun 13, 2013 3:57 AM Flag

    Bunch of a$$clowns:...

    Let me sum up this message board: It's funny how the same idiots who spend all their time bashing and pumping on different message boards, bash this stock to no end both TODAY and YESTERDA ,yet are the same jackasses who would be pumping to no end both TODAY and YESTERDAY if the stock would have gone up. What a bunch of loser lemmings who simply follow everyone else, but know nothing about the company or the stock. These type of idiot daytraders did the same thing with herbalife stock when bill ackman said he was short last december. They once again "flip flop" posted around their stupid daytrade, either with fear mongering or stupid one liners. Get a life.

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    • Your post is a bunch of nonsense. Not everyone's a day trader with no conviction?

      Speak for yourself. A few of us shorts and put buyers felt plenty of pain on the way up on a short squeeze off of bad news (black luon issue). Now the stock is back in the lower area it was in before the short squeeze ON BAD NEWS.

      Is this overdone? You could probably make that case, but since when is a stock with a 7 months ahead forward P/E of over 32 considered a bargain. This will not be a 20% grower for much longer IMHO, so we are talking about a real PEG above 1.5. Again, not as frothy as it was but not cheap.

      Next, the CEO leaving seems like a ruse that she left on her own. As Karen Finerman said on Fast Money last night, something just does not seem right here and it's not like the stock is cheap since the P/E is still high.

      The stock could get a bounce today or tomorrow but $60 could be in play soon. If $60 does not hold the mid to low $50's appears to be the next level.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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