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  • jetskiman123 jetskiman123 Nov 19, 2001 12:01 PM Flag


    I'm not so sure the matching funds in IBM stock would bother most people. Most of us have a percentage in IBM stock now. If the company match was in IBM stock, then I'd just redirect my contributions elsewhere. The bottom line would be similar.

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    • <<Most of us have a percentage in IBM stock now.>>

      In the ESPP maybe, but I am not sure in the TDSP funds. Doesn't matter really. Most IBMers have some sort of investing in IBM stock - yes, whether it is in TDSP or ESPP.(Employee Stock Purchase Plan)

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      • Tally: I'm not sure that I know anyone who doesn't have IBM in their TDSP. People just need to be careful not to get too loaded up on a single stock. So as the ESPP balance increases, people need to find good opportunities to move some TDSP money out of IBM and rebalance their portfolio. Personally I try to keep my IBM holdings between 15-25% of my total portfolio (ESPP+TDSP+IRA+Personal investments). I use peaks and valleys to move balances. It's been working out pretty well. If the price is high, I usually sell down to the 15% range and when the price is low, I usually accumulate up to the 25% range.

      • Don't you have thousands of option shares? You should! Lou does.
        So what if they are underwater a little. IBM should reprice them for you. It just isn't fair!

        I bet LUccent will reprice their employees options (or at least managements). I bet JDSU will reprice options.

        IBM should reprice your options so you can all be dot-com millionares.

        It just isn't fair

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